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What is a TSP?
In recent times, Digital Signatures have become a new normal and are being used in almost all countries across the globe, where not all digital signature types are the same. Amongst these, a digital certificate-based signature is a type of digital signature which carries more evidentiary value in a court of law. This requires a digital certificate to be affixed with the signature, authenticating the signer's identity and enabling tamper-proofing. These Digital Certificates are issued by a Trust Service Provider, commonly known as TSP.

QES or AES? An extra layer of security between you and your customers

If a TSP is accredited by the national supervisory body to provide one or more qualified trust services, it becomes a Qualified TSP (QTSP) for that nation. When eSignatures are executed by availing digital certificates from QTSPs, they are called Qualified eSignatures (QES). For cases wherein digital certificates are availed through TSPs that are not accredited to provide qualified trust services, then they are called Advanced eSignatures (AES).

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Digital Certificates: Verify the identity of signers

TSPs provide digital certificates primarily through the following means: USB token, Smart Card, Cloud Signature, and National ID, which helps in verifying the identity of signers.


TSP Agnostic Hub

Compatible with all the methods of Digital Certificate-based Signature, whether QES or AES, and supports digital certificates issued by your respective TSPs.

Below is publicly available information of TSPs which are listed in their respective countries.
Country Trust Service Provider or Accrediting Authority USB token Smart Card Cloud Signature Consortium National ID eSign
Albania e-Aleat Yes
Algeria Economic Electronic Certification Authority (AECE) Yes
Argentina Autoridad Certificante Raíz de la República Argentina (ACRAIZ) Yes
Argentina Encode Yes
Austria e-commerce monitoring GmbH Yes Yes
Austria PrimeSign GmbH Yes Yes
Austria A-trust Yes Yes
Austria Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E. Yes
Belgium Itsme Yes
Belgium DigiCert Europe Belgium Yes Yes
Belgium Zetes Yes Yes Yes
Belgium Certipost Yes Yes
Belgium GlobalSign Yes Yes Yes
Belgium Universign Yes Yes Yes
Belgium Connective Yes
Bermuda QuoVadis Yes Yes
Botswana Hiya Digital Yes
Brazil ITI Yes
Brazil Safeweb Yes
Bulgaria Evrotrust Yes Yes
Bulgaria B-trust (BORICA AD) Yes
Bulgaria InfoNotary PLC Yes Yes
Bulgaria System for Electronic Payments Bulgaria Yes Yes Yes
Bulgaria StampIT Yes
Canada Notarius Yes Yes
Cape Verde SISP Yes
Chile Accrediting Agency, Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism Yes
China Beijing Certification Authority (BJCA) Yes Yes
China China Financial Certification Authority Yes
China Global Digital Cybersecurity Authority Yes
China MeSign Yes
China Shanghai Electronic Certificate Authority Yes Yes
China WoTrus Yes
Colombia Certicámara Yes
Colombia GSE Yes
Colombia Organismo Nacional de Acreditación de Colombia - ONAC Yes
Costa Rica National Certifying Authority Yes
Croatia AKD d.o.o. Yes
Croatia Zagrebacka banka d.d.
Croatia Financijska agencija Yes
Cyprus JCC Payment Systems LTD Yes
Czech Republic The Czech Post, s.p. Yes
Czech Republic eIdentity a.s. Yes
Czech Republic National Registers Authority Yes Yes
Czech Republic First certification authority, a.s. Yes Yes
Czech Republic První certifikační autorita Yes Yes
Denmark Den Danske Stat Yes Yes
Ecuador National Telecommunications Control and Regulatory Agency Yes
Egypt EgyptTrust Yes
Egypt Fedis Yes
Estonia SK ID Solutions AS Yes Yes
Finland Telia Yes
Finland Digital and Population Data Services Agency Yes Yes
France Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés Yes
France Caisse des dépôts et consignations Yes
France Cryptolog International Yes Yes
France Gendarmerie Nationale Yes
France Imprimerie Nationale Yes Yes
France Yousign Yes
France Certigna Yes Yes
France ChamberSign France Yes
France be-invest Yes
France CertEurope Yes Yes
France Certinomis Yes Yes
France Conseil Supérieur du Notariat Yes
France Idemia Identity & Security France Yes Yes
France Netheos Yes
France OpenTrust Yes
France Universign Yes Yes
France Vialink Yes
France Worldline Yes Yes
Germany Atos Information Technology GmbH Yes Yes
Germany D-TRUST GmbH Yes Yes
Germany Bank-Verlag GmbH Yes Yes
Germany Deutsche Telekom AG Yes Yes
Germany medisign GmbH Yes
Germany Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit Yes
Germany Bundesnotarkammer Yes
Germany Deutsche Post AG Yes
Germany DGN Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz Service GmbH Yes
Greece BYTE Computer S.A.
Guatemala Ministry of Economy, Registry of Certification Services ProvidersMinisterio De Economia Yes
Hong Kong SAR of China Digi-Sign Yes
Hong Kong SAR of China Hongkong Post Yes Yes
Hungary Microsec Ltd. Yes
Hungary NETLOCK Informatics and Network Privacy services Limited Company Yes Yes
Iceland Audkenni ehf. Yes Yes
India CCA India Yes Yes
India eMudhra Yes Yes Yes Yes
India Capricorn Yes Yes Yes
India VSign Yes Yes Yes
India SafeScrypt Yes Yes Yes
India nCodeSolutions Yes Yes
India ID Sign CA Yes Yes Yes
India PantaSign Yes Yes
India Protean Yes Yes Yes
Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Yes
Indonesia Vida Yes Yes
Ireland TrustPro QTSP Ltd Yes Yes
Israel ComSign Yes Yes Yes
Italy Actalis Yes Yes Yes
Italy Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili Yes
Italy In.Te.S.A. S.p.A. Yes
Italy Nexi Payments S.p.A. Yes Yes
Italy Poste Italiane S.p.A. Yes Yes
Italy Zucchetti S.p.A. Yes
Italy Notartel S.p.A Yes Yes
Italy InfoCamere S.C.p.A. Yes Yes
Italy Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato Yes Yes
Italy CEDACRI S.p.A. Yes Yes
Italy Aruba Posta Elettronica Certificata S.p.A. Yes
Italy Uanataca S.A. Yes Yes
Italy InfoCert SPA Yes Yes Yes
Italy Intesi Group Yes Yes
Italy IPZS Yes
Italy Namirial S.p.A. Yes Yes
Japan Cybertrust Yes
Japan GlobalSign Yes Yes
Japan Government PKI Yes
Japan Local Government PKI Yes
Japan SECOM Yes Yes
Kenya DigiCheti Yes
Latvia Latvian State Radio and Television center Yes Yes
Lithuania State Enterprise Centre of Registers Yes
Lithuania Identity Documents Personalisation Centre under the Ministry of the Interior Yes Yes
Luxembourg LuxTrust S.A. Yes Yes
Malta Malta Electronic Certification Services Ltd Yes
Malaysia MSC Trustgate Yes
Malaysia POS Digicert Yes Yes Yes
Mexico Mexican Secretary of Economy Yes
Monaco State of Monaco Digital Government Department Yes Yes
Morocco e-Government Program Kingdom of Morocco Yes Yes
Netherlands Digidentity Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands Ensured Yes
Netherlands Logius Yes
Netherlands Cleverbase ID B.V. Yes
Netherlands KPN B.V. Yes Yes
Netherlands Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat Yes
Netherlands CIBG Yes Yes
Netherlands QuoVadis Trustlink B.V. Yes Yes Yes
Nigeria Certum Yes Yes
Norway Buypass Yes Yes Yes
Norway Bankenes ID-tjeneste AS Yes
Norway Commfides Norge AS Yes Yes
Peru Indecopi Yes
Philippines Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure Yes
Poland Asseco Data Systems Yes Yes Yes
Poland ENIGMA Information Security Systems Yes
Poland EuroCert Yes Yes
Portugal WalliD Yes
Portugal ACIN iCloud Solutions, Lda Yes
Portugal CEGER - Centro de Gestão da Rede Informática do Governo Yes Yes
Portugal DigitalSign Yes Yes
Portugal MULTICERT Yes Yes
Romania Trans Sped Yes Yes
Romania AlfaTrust Certification S.A. Yes Yes
Romania CERTSIGN S.A. Yes Yes Yes
Romania DigiSign S.A. Yes Yes
Saudi Arabia National Center for Digital Certification (NCDC) Yes
Singapore Netrust Yes Yes
Slovakia Ardaco a.s. Yes Yes
Slovakia First certification authority, a.s. Yes Yes
Slovakia Disig Yes Yes
Slovenia HALCOM D.D. Yes Yes
Slovenia Republika Slovenija Yes
Slovenia Rekono d.o.o. Yes
Slovenia NLB d.d. Yes Yes
South Africa LAWtrust Yes Yes Yes
South Africa TrustFactory Yes Yes
South Korea Korea Information Certificate Authority Yes
Spain Camerfirma Yes Yes
Spain Firmaprofesional Yes Yes
Spain Izenpe Yes
Spain Agencia Notarial de Certificación S.L. Unipersonal Yes
Spain Docuten Tech SL Yes
Spain INDENOVA S.L. Yes Yes
Spain Logalty Prueba por Interposición, S.L. Yes Yes
Spain VALIDATED ID, S.L Yes Yes Yes
Spain UANATACA, S.A Yes Yes
Spain Sectigo (Europe) SL Yes Yes
Spain Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT-RCM) Yes
Spain EAD TRUST European Agency of Digital Trust, S.L. Yes
Spain Bewor tech, S.L. Yes
Spain ANF AC Yes Yes
Sweden ZealiD Yes Yes
Switzerland Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation Yes Yes
Switzerland Swisscom Yes
Switzerland SwissSign Yes
Switzerland WISeKey Yes Yes
Taiwan region Chunghwa Telecom Yes
Taiwan region Taiwan-CA Yes
Thailand Thailand NRCA Yes
Tunisia TunTrust Yes Yes Yes
Turkey Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) Yes
Uruguay AGESIC Yes Yes
UAE DigitalTrust Yes
UAE Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) Yes
USA DigiCert Yes Yes
USA Entrust Yes Yes
USA GlobalSign Yes Yes Yes
USA IdenTrust Yes Yes
USA DirectTrust Yes
USA Sectigo Yes Yes
USA SSL.com Yes Yes
USA Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program Yes
USA ID Management Yes Yes
Vietnam Vietnam National Root Certification Authority Yes


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