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What is Pre-fill and Bulk Send?

Bulk send is a feature using which one can create and track thousands of individual signing requests through a click. Certinal's Bulk Send tool can significantly simplify your business procedures and save you time and money if your firm relies on frequent communications with its clients and workers. It takes just a few clicks to import a list of signers, and each one is sent a copy of the document to sign, doing away with the need to make and mail out individual envelopes.

Send Multiple Documents for Signing in a Click

Step - 1

Enter the template details and upload multiple documents into Certinal, and request signers to add supporting documents.

Step - 2

Assign fields for recipients and sender. Download and fill the spreadsheet and upload it back after entering the recipient's details.

Step - 3

Send professional documents to multiple signers on the spreadsheet. Everyone receives a unique copy to securely sign and return a large volume of documents.
Save Time

Save Time

Simplify your day-to-day activities and save time by bulk sending documents for signing with a click.


Effortlessly bulk send documents for signing with a customizable template and eliminate bulk paperwork.
Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Improve your business' efficiency and productivity with Certinal's pre-fill and bulk send feature.
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Cut the
Manual Work

Repetitive manual tasks take up a quarter of the work week. Pre-fill and bulk-send document out for digitally signing without any hassle.

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 Globally Compliant

Globally Compliant


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power of
Certinal digital signatures?

  • Flexible Pricing
    Transparent and Customized pricing for all types of digital signature requirements.
  • Greater Efficiency
    AI-powered cognitive assistance for signers for streamlines processes.
  • Secure Transactions
    Choice of authentication methods and identity verification to ensure documents security.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Protection against fraud and minimizes chances of disputes.
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