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Why become a Partner?

  • To increase your sales by opening up a new revenue stream.
  • To elevate your product offering & better solve customer problems with improved satisfaction.
  • To create a more comprehensive product line of solutions.

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Reduce costs

Benefits of Certinal Partner Program

  • 50% higher partner commission
  • Elevate your customers' savings by 50%
  • Stand-out from competition
  • Opportunity for an additional revenue stream
  • Enterprise Ready Digital signature solutions
  • Flexible Commercial models
  • Lead-sharing
  • Training
  • Sandbox account


Why Become a Certinal Partner?

Your customers’ success

Your customers’ success

  • Certinal’s digital signature software will configure, customize, and co-innovate to address all your customers’ use cases and sign a document online (Global/ regional/ country specific)

  • Simple API connectors-based integration, onboarding, and ongoing enablement support to ensure wide adoption & usage
Constant innovation

Constant innovation

  • Digital signatures are an evolving & inchoate segment requiring constant investment in innovation

  • Certinal’s eSignature solution is backed by Zycus, which has a proven track record of over 2 decades of innovations


  • Certinal is the challenger and will disrupt the restrictive commercials & terms set by the oligopoly vendors

  • Certinal offers a “true partner” approach with win-win/flexible commercials models, so your customers save, and you earn on every signature on your platform

Ways to Partner with Certinal

OEM - Software Publisher

Our white-label-ready software can be a creator, seller, a supporter of a software and/or SaaS offering. Increase the capabilities of your unique solution through Partnership Programs offered by Certinal, which are motivated by revenue and building brand value. Integrate our digital signing solution for workflow automation & to enable quick, paperless document signing (digitally signed documents) for your clients from anywhere and make use of the partner advantage.

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Reduce costs

ISV - Independent Software Vendor

Create more value for the end-user or customer by offering them the ability to add Certinal e-sign services via integration to extend the functionality of your technology. Make your platform a more well-rounded, comprehensive solution by enabling both Certinal and your solution to enter new, adjacent markets without investing heavily in new product developments.


VAR - Value Added Reseller

Digital signatures are a logical extension of any digital procedure that needs approvals to be completed. Earn commissions by providing customers with direct access to our product in its original form (Reseller) as part of a package that is more valuable than the sum of its components (Value-Added Reseller, or VAR)

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Reduce costs

Global Systems Integrator

Our hands-on approach allows Digital Signatures partners to get the sophistication of a global digital signature solution with local trust and compliance to sign a document online.Integrate digital signatures easily into the web application, system, or native mobile app your client has created. Create a free developer account through our API Integrations program to access our Rest API 3.0 documentation, sample code, and sandbox environment. Deliver services that connect and manage different systems; the systems integrator can also be a reseller but is motivated by revenue from services – the SI owns the client relationship and will act on the customer’s behalf in dealing with the OEM


Featured Integrations


Helping Technology Work With You and For You!

Gain access to digital signature and document management tools to accelerate the development, testing, and delivery of products that integrate with Certinal’s partner network. Learn More about partner solutions & integrations.


Intrigued by the
power of
Certinal digital signatures?

  • Flexible Pricing
    Transparent and Customized pricing for all types of digital signature requirements.
  • Greater Efficiency
    AI-powered cognitive assistance for signers for streamlines processes.
  • Secure Transactions
    Choice of authentication methods and identity verification to ensure documents security.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Protection against fraud and minimizes chances of disputes.
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