Succeeding in Times of Uncertainty: How Next-Gen eSignatures & eForms Can Help Your Business Navigate Challenges

Business challenges and changing landscapes require strategic navigation. It’s a time of adaptation and innovation, as companies face uncertainties and seek solutions to stay competitive and resilient.

But overcoming these challenges requires a refined approach – consolidation. Integrating digitalization initiatives can not only help companies survive, but also thrive and stay ahead of the competition, poised for long-term growth.

Join our webinar with our esteemed panel comprising Joël Collin-Demers, Richard Waugh, Jeanette Nyden and Jon Hansen as they explore the world of next-gen eSignature solutions and their compatibility with contracting solutions on both the buying and selling sides. Say goodbye to paper-based forms as seamless and paperless customer experiences through mobile devices become the norm. However, concerns about security risks and compliance with global contracting laws arise. Discover technologies that balance convenience with risk management. These and other topics make this panel discussion a must-attend for procurement, legal, finance, and IT professionals.

  • Learn how next-gen eSignature & eForms solutions can streamline contracting processes.
  • Gain insights on integrating digitalization for long-term growth and competitiveness.
  • Discover technologies that balance convenience with compliance in contracting.

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