Certinal eSign for SharePoint

Boost your team’s productivity, expedite document turnaround times, and impress customers with a seamless signing experience.

Secure legally-binding eSignatures seamlessly within SharePoint, without the need to switch applications

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Send Documents Anytime, Anywhere

Experience the convenience of Certinal’s document signing. Send documents for signing from any SharePoint library effortlessly.
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Track Transactions in Real-Time

Monitor the status of signature workflows directly within SharePoint. Stay updated with real-time tracking.
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Effortless Workflow Management

Manage workflows effortlessly. Remind, cancel, and sign pending agreements. Effortlessly oversee all transactions.
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Instant Access to Signed Documents

Access signed documents instantly in the designated “Signed Documents” folder. Certinal keeps it up to date for you.

Certinal – Deployed Around the Globe


Achieve greater efficiency with Certinal for SharePoint enabling you to accomplish more.

Sharepoint eco system
Remain within SharePoint's ecosystem

Effortlessly sign and share documents from SharePoint, with automatic saving for easy access.

exceed customer expectations
Exceed customer expectations

Sign and submit legally-binding documents effortlessly on any device, no extra software required.

enhance efficiency
Enhance efficiency

Enhance data collection with customizable fillable fields, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Stay connect
Stay informed and connected

Instantly track document signing via email and in your Certinal account.


Integrate Certinal with SharePoint online effortlessly using six simple steps.

In your SharePoint library, go to Settings > Add an App.

Go to Your Apps page and select SharePoint Store.

Find Certinal in the SharePoint Store. Filter results by typing ‘Certinal’ in the search box.

Click the Certinal icon. On the Certinal app page, click REQUEST IT.

Select if you’d like to install Certinal for specific users or for your entire organization. Click Request.

Once the administrator of your SharePoint site approves your request, the Certinal app will appear on the Site contents>Your Requests page. Click App Details>Add it. Read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement. Click Trust it to install the Certinal app.

Questions & Answers

Boost efficiency by automating workflows within SharePoint, enabling employees to work more productively within a single platform.

Find Certinal in the SharePoint store and add it to your SharePoint library. The Certinal app will appear on the Site contents>Your requests page. Click App Details>Add it. Read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement. Click Trust it to install the Certinal app.

Right-click on your document and select Send with Certinal from the dropdown. Add as many signers as you need, create and assign roles, and set up a signing order. Don’t forget to add fillable fields to make your document easy to complete.

No, they don’t. Your recipients can sign and submit your document in seconds on any desktop or mobile device.

Add as many signers as you need. Make the signing process even more efficient by assigning roles and fillable fields to each recipient.

Once your document has been signed, you’ll get an instant email notification. Also, you can check its status in your SharePoint account. Go to the Documents library and click the menu button on the upper panel. Select Check Document Status and view the status of a document in your Certinal account.

You’ll receive an email notification once your document has been signed. Before sending a signature request, you can also set automatic reminders and an expiration date so your recipient doesn’t forget to sign your contract.

Discover More Certinal Features and Integrations

Improve your organization’s productivity

Sign and send documents for signing in a role-based order from your system of record.

Expedite agreement
Get work done in one place

Pre-fill documents with SharePoint data and save executed documents in SharePoint.

Amplify effectiveness through automated
Ensure compliance and security

Certinal protects your data with industry-leading compliance and security standards.

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