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Certinal eSign for Salesforce

The Smarter Way to eSign Sales Contract

Effortlessly Manage Agreements and Collaborate with Certinal eSign for Salesforce

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Effortless Document Sending via Salesforce App

Enhance your productivity and efficiency by seamlessly integrating eSignature capabilities into your Salesforce platform.
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Seamless Document Management in Salesforce

Easily track your document’s progress, remind recipients to sign, and access completed files and audit reports with our advanced feature.
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Define the Recipient Workflow

Effortlessly create Sequential, Parallel, and Hybrid Workflows to streamline your processes. Assign specific roles, like Signer, Approver, or Form-filler, to each recipient.

Certinal – deployed around the globe

Close Sales Contracts Faster, Without Admin Delays

Optimize the Sales Workflow

Accelerate contract time by closing deals digitally, even offline.

Streamline Data Input

Boost productivity by auto-populating contracts with Salesforce data.

Create Standardized Documents

Create reusable contract templates for frequent use.

Populate Salesforce Data in seconds

Simply business operations with automated field and contact filling.

Effortlessly Monitor Document Progress

Automated notifications on successful file signatures.

Enhance and Supervise Collaboration

Take control of document templates, revision and access for effective teamwork.



Questions & Answers

Boost efficiency by automating workflows within Salesforce, enabling employees to work more productively within a single platform.
Need Help? Contact Support
To learn more on how to configure Certinal for SalesForce – contact our support team.
Simply select a template in your Salesforce account and choose Edit Template from the dropdown menu. It will open in Certinal where you can add fillable fields, enter your text and add your signature. Once you’re done, switch to the Salesforce tab and click Submit.
There is no need to download and install additional software. All you need is to log in to your Certinal account or register with Certinal if you don’t have an account.
You’ll receive an email notification once your document has been signed. Before sending a signature request, you can also set automatic reminders and an expiration date so your recipient doesn’t forget to sign your contract.

Discover More Certinal Features and Integrations

Improve your organization’s productivity

Sign and send documents for signing in a role-based order from your system of record.

Expedite agreement
Get work done in one place

Pre-fill documents with CRM data and save executed contracts in your CRM.

Amplify effectiveness through automated
Ensure compliance and security

Certinal protects your data with industry-leading compliance and security standards.

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