Certinal Integration

We understand that a disconnected solution with poor integrations is highly suboptimal. Therefore, Certinal eSign offers robust & seamless API-driven integration for most enterprise systems. It also offers native integration with Zycus Contract Management and Zycus Request Management.

Integrations : Ensuring Ease of Use

Integrations : Ensuring Ease of Use

With Zycus iRequest

Easy submission of requests with digital signing and progress tracking in real-time

With Zycus iContract

Managing the signature workflow through integration with Zycus CLM makes it fast, efficient, and reduces the overall cost

Other Business Applications

Secured and authenticated APIs for third-party business system integrations for a seamless process


Customer Journey

Customer Journey

How We Help You

Faster Approvals

Faster Approvals

Robust integration with Certinal eSign facilitates the completion of digital form
Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

Ensure compliance to regulatory standards and industry best practices
Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity

Reduce backlogs and fulfill requests faster thereby increasing productivity

Intrigued by the
power of
Certinal digital signatures?

  • Flexible Pricing
    Transparent and Customized pricing for all types of digital signature requirements.
  • Greater Efficiency
    AI-powered cognitive assistance for signers for streamlines processes.
  • Secure Transactions
    Choice of authentication methods and identity verification to ensure documents security.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Protection against fraud and minimizes chances of disputes.
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