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Certinal’s TSP Agnostic Hub

Certinal’s TSP Agnostic Hub Create, validate and preserve digital signatures’ trust with Trust Service Providers Book a Demo What is a TSP? In recent times, Digital Signatures have become a new normal and are being used in almost all countries across the globe, where not all digital signature types are the same. Amongst these, a …

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Features AI-Powered Features Enable You to Review, Verify and Sign-on-the-Go Feature Highlights Comprehensive Audit Reports for Non-Repudiation Certinal eSign captures detailed audit trail of all fields including data fields, attachment, notes, assignment to each recipient, optional or mandatory values entered, cancel, declining reason, and date/time of the recipient activity. Robust Integration Capabilities Robust and easy-to-use …

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Advanced Electronic Signatures Solution | What is AES?

Enhance Security with Advanced eSignatures What is an advanced eSignature? For substantial financial transactions or signing papers with high legal risks, an advanced electronic signature, which is more secure, is advised. The definition of a standard electronic signature is quite broad and susceptible to interpretation. According to the eIDAS Regulation, advanced electronic signatures must meet …

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What is a Qualified Electronic Signature? or QES?

Achieve Global Compliance & Ultimate Security with Qualified eSignature What is a qualified eSignature? The most advanced level of electronic signature security is the qualified electronic signature. It’s very taxing, and it’s only utilized in very special situations where a qualified person is necessary. As a result, a sophisticated electronic signature must: Security There is …

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Pre-fill & Bulk Send

Pre-fill & Bulk Send As Quick As Click What is Pre-fill and Bulk Send? Bulk send is a feature using which one can create and track thousands of individual signing requests through a click. Certinal’s Bulk Send tool can significantly simplify your business procedures and save you time and money if your firm relies on …

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Secure eMail

Secure eMail Certain with Certinal Protect eMails from being forwarded to unauthorized signers. Book a Demo Before After Secure Signing Process Capture true identity and avoid easy repudiation “Secure Email” is a configurable feature by Certinal that prevents the authorized signer to forward the “Review and sign document” email to unauthorized person Certinal eSign is …

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Certinal’s TSP Agnostic Hub

Country Trust Service Provider or Accrediting Authority USB token Smart Card Cloud Signature Consortium National ID eSign Albania e-Aleat Yes Algeria Economic Electronic Certification Authority (AECE) Yes Argentina Autoridad Certificante Raíz de la República Argentina (ACRAIZ) Yes Argentina Encode Yes Austria e-commerce monitoring GmbH Yes Yes Austria PrimeSign GmbH Yes Yes Austria A-trust Yes Yes …

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