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Seamlessly Upload and Send 250 MB Files

Seeing the error, "⚠File exceeds the size limit of 25MB” is frustrating

Certinal’s unique feature helps you digitally upload large files and sign multiple documents with large files without agonizing about size restrictions and errors.

“Certinal eSign is a product that any organization would appreciate. Any buyer would like its simple mobile signing, user interface, integrations, and cost. I refer Certinal to my clients whenever I have the opportunity or when they ask about eSignatures. Certinal’s outstanding feature set at an affordable price makes it very useful for large organizations.”

– VP Procurement, North America’s Leading Car Manufacturer

Additional Features

Certinal is a full-service enterprise-grade digital signature that not only focuses on SES and EES, but also provides you with enhanced eSignature via 2FA along with Advanced eSignature (AES) and Government accredited Qualified eSignature (QES) from a wide range of signature methods including cloud digital signatures and USB Tokens.

Certinal provides you with IDP and TSP agnostic hub by supporting standard out-of-the-box integrations with CAs. Unique to Certinal is a Bring your Provider (BYOP) for configuring customer-specific TSPs and Time Stamp Authorities (TSA)

Certinal allows you to upload and sign large documents. This allows users to upload documents such as engineering drawings, storyboards, and others for easy authorization and workflow.

While most solutions only allow modification of current workflow, Certinal allows modification of current and future workflow sequence. This makes viewing and stakeholder notifications easier for administrators and users.

Certinal provides real-time status updates, signed contracts, and audit reports. In addition, contract author details from CLM solutions, Salesforce, and other integration platforms are visible to the signer and audit report. Certinal also provides comprehensive and detailed audit reports with tamper evidence and field-level audit.

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Globally Compliant

Certinal named a "Leader" in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eSignature Software 2023
Certinal's Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance