Activity / Scope Standard Support Premium Support
Support Availability 24x5 (24x7 for Sev-1 issues) 24 x 7
Response time for Emergency support-Software is unavailable or inoperable as performance is highly degraded and there is a significant impact on Licensee’s operations related to the Software. The Licensee is unable to proceed without a fix. 4 hour Accelerated Response - 1 Hour
Response time on “support for other issues” that do not impact the use of the software in any important way. 24 hours Accelerated Response – 8 hours
Dedicated Phone Number for escalation to a senior technical resource. Not Included Included
Virtual Training session NA Per quarter-4 hours
Charges No additional Charges Charges as mentioned in applicable Order document

Certinal will provide an online “Tracking System” through a web link related to Certinal’s Software.

Licensee’s users, in case of issues, can reach Certinal’s support-professional by telephone, email, or chat in accordance with the contact details provided in the online tracking system.