Digital Transaction
Management Suite

Core Modules

Core Modules


  • Utilize the flagship eSignature solution that you can trust
  • Leverage eSign for all external & internal enterprise needs

*Cloud Digital Signature

  • Connect signer to the Trust Service Provider’s (TSP) service
  • Sign digitally using TSP managed signer’s certificate

Add-ons : Smarter, deeper, broader usage

*Cognitive Assistance
Empower with AI based auto-summarization & auto-proposal
*Cognitive Forms
Onboard employees, students etc. with ease using FlexiForms
Facilitate a multi-party video call for signers and witness
Configure sequential, parallel and hybrid workflow types
*Mobile App
Benefit from the ease of eSignatures on the go
Add-ons : Smarter, deeper, broader usage

Integrations : Ensuring ease of use

Integrations : Ensuring ease of use
With iRequest
Easy submission of requests by the business users to the signers with digital signing and progress tracking in real time
With iContract
Managing the signature workflow process through an integrated CLM and eSign offering makes it fast, efficient, and reduces the overall cost
Other Business Applications
OAuth 2 secured and authenticated APIs for third-party business system integrations for seamless process
* Coming Soon


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