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Certinal, a globally & locally compliant unified digital signature solution, offers disruptive pricing models & auto-integrates with most enterprise systems.

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North Americas Leading Car Manufacturer

Switches Lane from a Legacy Vendor to state-of-art Certinal


Saved 50% on Total Cost of Ownership

Certinal offered flexible pricing models for different classes of documents

Faster turn-around Time

Certinal offered flexible pricing models for different classes of documents

Here are a few compelling reasons Make the Switch, Now!

Parameters Certinal Legacy Vendor
Disruptive Pricing Model
Differential pricing for Internal and External envelopes/wrappers
Unlimited envelopes/wrappers per sender user
Unlimited templates at no additional cost
Carry forward un-used envelopes/wrappers
Next-Gen Security
Secure eMail
Sender details from 3rd party app
Support for 2FA and MFA with Integrated Applications
Global Compliance
Field Level Audit in Audit Reports
Bring your own Trust Service Provider (BYOTSP)
Bring your own Time Stamping Authorities (BYOTSA)
CAs/TSPs/QTSPs agnostic hub for QES/AES compliance
Customize legal disclosure using Template
Advanced Features
Virtual eSign with Live Photo and Live Video identification
Sharing Templates based on Role in the Organization
Bulk Send documents
National ID eSign hub
Recall, Correct and Resend transactions
Collaborate with recipients, sender and business users
Cognitive Assistance
Review Assist
Prepare Assist
AI based ID Verification
Legally Binding
Compatibility Windows/MAC Windows/MAC
Identity Validation

Certinal – deployed around the globe

Cost savings to enable higher adoption on your digital transformation journey