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Certinal delivers a service that eliminates paperwork, optimizes business transactions, and allows individuals and businesses to improve the efficiency of their digital signature workflows. Partner with Certinal to harness the power of digital transformation, eSignatures, and advanced security for streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences.

We invite OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) & VARs (Value Added Resellers) to partner with us by offering Certinal to their customers. As part of our partner solution, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more when your customers get access to advanced solutions that mitigate their business issues.

Let’s find out how!

Why partnering with Certinal is the best for your solution offerings?

Certinal is capable of so much more than just allowing a user to certify a document or send it out for signing. With Certinal, your customers can significantly increase their organization’s productivity with configurable role-based digital signature workflows, avoid learning a new system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and save money while maximizing ROI, all with the confidence that industry-leading security and global compliance standards are keeping their data safe.

Certinal gives customers maximum control over managing documents from the past, in the present, and into the future. It offers a comprehensive view of their entire organization, every team member, and every action made, which is why it stands out amongst other eSignature platforms.

Because of its flexibility and excellent cloud-based capabilities, enterprise businesses can leverage Certinal’s eSignature solution to rethink their entire document management and collaboration processes:

  • Higher file size support: Especially for the industries requiring additional specifications with the contract, the total file size can go up to 100 MB. With Certinal eSign, you get just that, a higher file size supports up to 100 MB.
  • Qualified eSignatures (QES) and Advanced eSignatures (AES) Support: Certinal’s digital certificate-based signature module is ideal for QES, AES, and all other equivalent digital signature regulations. Certinal supports USB tokens, smart card tokens, cloud digital signatures, and National ID-based digital signatures.
  • 2-Factor Authentication: With Certinal, users can arrange a document signing order for as many signers as they need with easy workflow automation. During this process, 2-Factor authentication helps in strengthening the signer identification process. Email and phone SMS OTP are the authentication options available at each signer level.
  • Comprehensive Audit Report: Certinal provides detailed audit events for global eSignature and digital signature compliance. Certinal also provides tamper-proof evidence to enable customers with the data of the eSign documents, which is not modified during the signing process. Standard or Customer-specific legal disclosure can also be added to the final audit report.
  • TSP Agnostic Hub: Certinal offers TSP agnostic hub by supporting standard out-of-the-box integrations with Certifying Authorities. The option of Bring Your Own TSPs (BYOT) for configuring customer-specific Trust Service Providers (TSPs) and Time Stamp Authorities (TSA) makes Certinal start out from its competitors.

On top of that, Certinal offers many other cool features, including creating templates, role assignments, bulk signing, and more — along with a range of integrations and API opportunities.

Become a Partner with Certinal!

Become a Partner with Certinal

What Certinal have in mind when we say “Partner Acceleration Program”?

The Certinal’s Partner Acceleration Program aims to accommodate different types of partnerships and business models, after all, your success is our priority! “Why partner with Certinal”

  • Access to Certinal training videos.
  • 10 hours of architecture & development consulting.
  • Access to dedicated Partner staging account for demo and testing.
  • Co-create with partner aVOC features for offering tighter integrations with your software.
  • Save up to 50% on internal documents with require digital signatures.
  • Automate your system-generated outbound documents using your customer’s company eSeals/eStamps to prove authenticity before sharing with their business partners.
  • Reseller model, Referral model or Flexi-model to best suit your commercial benefits of integrations to scale.
  • And many more…

Why Partner with Certinal?

Attend our virtual roundtable and Partner with us today!

Certinal a wholly owned subsidiary of Zycus, recognized as a “Representative Vendor” in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Electronic Signature, is a future-ready Digital Transaction Management solution for global organizations. Certinal eSign brings higher levels of security and multifactor authentication so you can do business confidently, securely, and efficiently.

For more information on how to get started with digital signatures and Certinal, book a demo with us.

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