What is digital signature and how it works

What is digital signature and how it works

What is digital signature


The modern business world is a rapidly changing digital environment, requiring high-speed, secure tools for electronic document signing. The traditional pen – paper signatures, however, are increasingly being phased out in preference for their digital equivalents that are more convenient, faster as well as secure.

In this case, Certinal eSign becomes an effective instrument that makes it easy to sign electronic contract forms because it has a convenient interface for use and high levels of security. This will be a very extensive guide that talks about the use of digital signature through Certinal eSign in order to facilitate signing of documents.

What is digital signature and how it works?

A digital signature serves as an electronic identifier whose authentication testifies the validity of a signed document. They serve as the virtual “seal” in the sense that they make sure that the content of the document is unchanged and that the signer’s identity is verified. The advanced encryption used for generation of the digital signatures by certinal eSign surpasses the conventional paper signatures.

Getting Started with Certinal eSign

The process of signing documents using Certinal eSign is intuitively made, and it starts by creating an account on the provided portal. After logging in, users can either directly upload their document files or they import from cloud storages such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Certinal eSign is compatible with different types of files like PDFs, Documents, etc., giving more power in document management.

1. Adding Signatories and Fields

Finally, users can give names of the people who are supposed to sign by indicating signatories. With certinal eSign, one can have many signatories thus facilitating joint working with other people on documents. The user then needs to specify the signatories before they proceed with their next step of placing signature fields, date fields, and others within that part of the document where the signatures or other required information will go. This makes the procedure simpler, such that no critical content is forgotten when signing.

2. Signing Documents Securely

The certification eSign uses highly secure methods in ensuring the signing process cannot be compromised. For signing of documents, some protocol must be observed and include passwords, biometric, or some form of two factor authentication to ensure only authorised people can sign the document. Certinal eSign digital signatures are generated as coded ones that cannot be altered thus binding legally.

3. Guidance for Signatories

For Certinal eSign beneficiaries signing documents, the procedure is straightforward. When they receive the e-mail notification, they can access the document by clicking on the secure link, and then electronically signs. The platform directs them through the document and shows the space for signature which makes signing easy for them.

4. Ensuring Legal Compliance

Certinal eSign complies with many internationally recognized laws including eIDAS in Europe and the ESIGN act in the US. The regulations provide legal foundations for the authenticity of electronic signatures signed by Certinal eSign, which give these documents’ the authenticity of traditional signed papers.

5. Tracking and Managing Signed Documents

Certinal eSign makes it easy for users to monitor and track signatures on electronic documents through a dashboard. It allows for monitoring of signatures that users have done, pending, and complete. Moreover, these documents are safely stored at the platform hence it is easy to refer to them any time they are required.

Why use Certinal eSign for digital signatures? 

There are many benefits of using Certinal eSign in digital signatures. The platform offers many advantages including saving on time and resource management associated with physical documents handing, heightened security as well as adherence to rules and regulations. The platform’s simple approach, top-grade encryption, and adherence to laws are among the factors contributing to its popularity in both corporate entities and individual users. 


The age-old practice of signing documents has gone through a revolutionary transformation, thanks to the proliferation of technology and the advent of digital signatures in the modern realm of document handling. This offers an unprecedented combination consisting of three-in-one package which is unsurpassed convenience, impermeable safety, as well as exceptional speed. ederbörd. Certinal eSign is one such solution that leads by example, allowing individuals to sign electronic doc files in the most legally compliant and secure environment.

Moreover, by understanding how Certinal eSign converts digital signature into the document itself people go far beyond the simplistic approach of streamlining a document with electronic signature. They implement a forward looking practice whereby there is an improved production system, minimization of the risks arising out of paper based operations while expediting in trading transactions.
These advantages go way beyond mere convenience. Its simple design makes it easy to use while its data is encrypted securely.

It also complies with local legality, which means that any signature issued by a Certinl eSign service may be trusted in law as being true. It makes the user feel confident since he or she knows that each mark inscribed is more than just a signature.

Additionally, the electronic signature provided by Certinal eSign cuts across geographic barriers, facilitating interaction between the international parties involved. Due to its inherent support for multiple signatories, it is flexible, and people can sign remotely, thus making them feel connected and the world we live is a global village.

Therefore, Certinal eSign brings a new page in the story of signature with an idea that signature should no longer be considered as a mere physical action, but it should trigger the progress for human kind. In business world, its effect is felt in signing of agreements, executing contracts and conducting transactions.

Certinal eSign is a journey to simplify document signing with the spirit of trust, efficiency and progress in our digital age.
Schedule a demonstration now to experience firsthand the secure e-signature solution offered by Certinal. Book a Demo. 

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