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What is a web form

If you are part of a large organization, you know how crucial it is to document every transaction, internal and external. However, creating and managing documents attached to these transactions can be a substantial administrative burden. There are better options in a workflow that demands superior efficiency than relying on manual efforts to populate fields in a document. This is where web forms come in. What is a Web Form?  

This blog post will help you understand what a simple web form is, and we’ll go one step further and look at common real-life use cases of web forms in the healthcare industry to solidify your understanding.  

What is a web form?   

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, filling out forms could be easier. Going digital with PDFs has yet to be very helpful as it still does not offer an intuitive experience to the user. Web forms allow users to swiftly populate documents by filling in the fields. This reduces any manual effort involved in filling in forms. In cases where a signature is required, it becomes easier for the end-user if the webforms are integrated with eSignature, like Certinal.  

Here are a few benefits of using Web Forms in your workflow  

  • Easy to use: Using web forms can be as simple as using any drag-and-drop solutions. Therefore, you can start with web forms without any coding experience or technical background.  
  • Customizable: Web forms come with customizable templates. With the ability to customize, you can build unique forms that meet your requirements.  
  • Cross-device compatibility: Seamless form-filling experience across all types of devices.  
  • Workflow efficiency: Improves workflow efficiency by cutting down the effort involved in filling out forms manually.  
  • Quick turnaround time: Get your forms and documents filled in and signed quicker.  

A Real-life Use Case of Web Form: Healthcare Industry  

The pandemic made us realize that most healthcare systems worldwide cannot handle the volume of incoming patients without stressing the system. It gets worse when hospitals rely on non-integrated and paper-based processes 

When a patient arrives, they are asked to fill out an intake form before receiving care. Usually, this process goes like this – you fill in the paper-based form and sign. This signed form is then used as a reference to fill the digital record manually. This process is not ideal when patient volume exceeds the hospital’s capacity and will result in a bottleneck situation.  

Getting informed consent is another area where healthcare professionals and patients struggle. Relying on paper-based forms can delay the delivery of care, and this can have an irreversible and life-altering impact on the patient’s life.  

Webform and eSignature software solutions, when integrated with the EHR and EMR systems, can significantly reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. When you visit a hospital seeking care, the web form is delivered through your preferred mode of communication. You can fill in the web form, and it will automatically populate your intake form, and the same is updated in the internal systems such as EHR and EMR.   

You can also fill in and sign consent forms for treatment with an integrated webform and signature solution. The consent form is pre-populated with relevant patient information through EHR and EMR integration, and the consent form can be quickly signed using an eSignature.  

Eliminating paper-based processes using webform and eSignatures has significantly improved workflow efficiency for Certinal’s customers while ensuring HIPAA compliance.  

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While the use case mentioned in this blog is related to healthcare, the simplicity of the integrated web form and eSignature solution makes it easier to envision its use cases and benefits for other industries where forms are commonly used.   

Certinal eSign and Webforms are cost-effective solutions that offer seamless integration and advanced features such as AI. To know more about Webforms and eSignature, book a demo. 

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