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How to Send and Sign Large Files Online4 min read

Send and sign large files online

The need for efficient digital signatures is undeniable in today’s digitized world. Gone are the days when you had to wait for snail mail or personally deliver essential documents. Thanks to eSignature solutions like Certinal, you can now easily Send and sign large files online. Certinal empowers you to upload and sign documents of up to 250 MB, eliminating the frustration of file size limitations and errors. This blog will delve into the common challenges faced while digitally signing large files and documents and how Certinal can be your ultimate solution. 

Challenge of Signing Large Files 

When it comes to signing large files, one of the most significant challenges is dealing with file sizes exceeding 25 MB. This challenge manifests as an error message: “File exceeds the size limit of 25 MB.” Whether you’re trying to send extensive reports, high-resolution creatives, intricate CAD designs, or any files with substantial sizes, these limitations can affect your workflow. 

Challenges of Sending and Signing Large Files Online 

Understanding the limitations associated with file sizes in the context of digital signatures is crucial for addressing this challenge effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the critical restrictions: 

1. Envelope File Size: It is advisable not to include files bigger than 25 MB in an envelope. Large files may impact the signing performance, depending on the recipient’s internet connection. 

2. Number of Files in an Envelope: While there’s no restriction on the number of files you can include in an envelope, having numerous large files may compromise the signing performance. 

3. Signer-Uploaded Attached Files: Certinal supports envelopes with files up to 250 MB for signer-uploaded attached files. 

4. Attachment File Size in Completed Envelopes: Once an envelope is completed, there’s a 5 MB file size restriction for attachments to emails sent to recipients. However, the email still links to the system-hosted documents if the finished papers exceed 5 MB. 

5. File Upload Limit: A document cannot exceed 25 MB when uploaded to an envelope. Attempting to upload files larger than this limit will result in an error message: “Error uploading [filename]: File exceeds the size limit of 25 MB.”  

6. Email Notifications: Documents must be at most 5 MB to guarantee successful email delivery.

How to Solve “Error Uploading: File exceeds the size limit of 25 MB.” To Send and Sign Large Files Online 

Signing Large Files

Are you tired of encountering the “File exceeds the size limit of 25 MB” error while trying to sign your documents digitally? Certinal has the perfect solution for you to send and sign large files online. By switching to Certinal, you can effortlessly upload and sign large files of up to 250 MB, eliminating the hassle of dealing with file size restrictions and errors. 

1. Seamless Large File Handling: Certinal’s unique feature allows you to upload and sign PDF documents with a size of up to 250 MB. This means you can easily upload extensive files such as engineering drawings, storyboards, and more, streamlining the authorization and workflow process. 

2. Improved Efficiency: With Certinal, you can say goodbye to the frustration of file size limitations. You are no longer wasting time compressing files or searching for alternative methods to sign your documents. Certinal provides a hassle-free solution for handling large files. 

3. Enhanced Security: Unlike some third-party websites that may offer increased file size limits, Certinal prioritizes security and data privacy. Your sensitive documents remain secure within the Certinal platform, minimizing the risks associated with external services. 

Conclusion: Embrace Certinal for Signing Large Files Up to 250 MB. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital signatures, breaking free from the constraints of monopolistic digital signature vendors is essential. The best course of action is to switch to Certinal, as it allows you to effortlessly upload bulk files and get them digitally signed without any hassle Certinal offers a robust solution that enables you to upload and digitally sign documents without the headache of dealing with file size limitations. 

1. Beyond 1st Generation Solutions: Certinal represents the next generation of digital signature products, providing improved features and capabilities that align with the demands of modern business. 

2. Cost Savings: By adopting Certinal, you can significantly reduce enterprise e-signing costs, saving up to 50% of your current expenses. 

3. Efficiency and Productivity: Stop wasting valuable time on file compression and other workarounds. Certinal empowers you to easily upload large files of up to 250 MB, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. 

Ready to Make the Switch? Book a Demo with Certinal Today! 

It’s time to liberate yourself from file size limitations and errors. Say goodbye to the frustrations of compressing files and exploring unreliable third-party options for signing large files. Instead, choose Certinal for a seamless, secure, and efficient solution to your significant file signing needs.

Book a demo with us today and experience the future of digital signatures. It’s time to embrace Certinal and sign your way to a more productive and hassle-free digital document management process. 

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