August 18, 2022
signature forgery

Prevent Signatory & Signature Frauds with Modern eSignature Solutions

It encourages the electronic integrity by minimizing the risk of forgery of contracts and hence provides you the signature fraud prevention.…
August 18, 2022
Digital Identity Verification

Next-Generation Digital Identity Verification & Proofing with Certinal eSign – Smart, Reusable and Secure

Certinal eSign brings higher levels of security and multifactor authentication so you can do business confidently, securely, and efficiently.…
March 30, 2022
Role of Identity Assessment in Digital Signatures

Role of Identity Assessment in Digital Signatures

For a digital signature to be legally binding, the signer’s identity must be verified. Certinal offers several signer identity verification options to ensure that your signed documents will stand up in court.…

Digital Signature Platform for Global Organizations by IDC

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