February 7, 2023
HIPAA Compliance

How eSignatures can help healthcare organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements

Learn how digital signatures can help your healthcare organization meet HIPAA compliance requirements and improve document security.…
November 9, 2022
Digital Health Ecosystems

Unlocking Digital Health Ecosystems – The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation

A recent survey showcased that 61% of its respondents consider the main purpose of digital health services to be improving well-being. They wish to “achieve clear and visible outcomes, which are currently still indirect.” Read More!…
April 26, 2022
Choosing the right eSignature solution for Healthcare companies

Choosing the right eSignature Solutions for Healthcare Organization

Esignature solution for Healthcare companies, is an added level of security which is essential for protecting patient privacy and complying with regulations.…

Digital Signature Platform for Global Organizations by IDC

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