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eSignature solutions for education

Certinal is an eSigning solution made to cater to a host of industries, including educational institutions. It’s simple, efficient, and legally binding. Certinal’ s eSignature solutions for education institutions, schools & university helps you ditch the paperwork and go digital in just a few clicks. Here’s why making the switch to electronic signatures is imperative for everyone within the educational system:

For starters, it’s a huge time-saver. Everyone within the educational system spends several hours on mundane administrative tasks and paperwork. Over 60% of educators agree that paperwork interferes with their job of teaching. That’s why switching to Certinal is such a game-changer. With Certinal, you can sign documents electronically, which means you’ll save valuable time that can be better spent on strategic tasks.

Paper-centric systems are more unsustainable than ever since that many students, instructors, and administrators work remotely. Wet signatures, for example, can only be authenticated if they are signed in person – a procedure that can take days or weeks when a document has to travel to numerous places. Paper forms are also prone to human error and can jeopardize regulatory compliance.

Certinal is more secure than traditional methods because it uses encryption to protect the document from being altered. Certinal is also easier to use than traditional methods, which makes it ideal for educational institutions.

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In response to COVID-related expectations, a whopping 60% or more U.S. educational institutions have raised their focus on business continuity and cost optimization in the remote-education environment. 39 percent of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities indicate they are actively advancing their digital transformation efforts, while 65 percent say they are “ready to take risks” to become digital education leaders in the next six months.

In the field of document processing, this change is very important. In 2020, educational institutions in the United States handled an average of 72,000 signed documents each week, and over 40% of educational institutions anticipate increased document volumes in the following 18 to 21 months. When over 70% percent of U.S. education workflows entail time-consuming, error-prone paper-based operations, this adds up to a huge issue.

Certinal is the future of document signing, and it is revolutionizing the way educational institutions do business.

eSignature solutions for education

Here are some ways in which Certinal helps educational institutions

1. Expedite onboarding processes

Certinal’s electronic signatures simplify processes for educational institutions in multiple ways. For example, educators can use digital signatures to reduce the paperwork involved in recruiting teachers and processing student applications.

Certinal can also help educators streamline the onboarding process for new students by getting permissions and approvals electronically. In addition, Certinal’s digital signatures can be used to simplify a variety of other Processes within education institutions, such as requesting transcripts and ordering textbooks.

As a result, Certinal’s electronic signatures provide a much-needed simplification for education institutions that are bogged down by paperwork. When educators use Certinal, they can spend more time on teaching, learning, and research. Consequently, Certinal’s electronic signatures improve the quality of education by making it easier.

2. Boost inter-departmental efficiency

In education institutions, there is a certain amount of paperwork that needs to be completed on a daily basis. This can include everything from inter-departmental documents to internal forms.

In order to streamline operations across departments such as administration, finance, operation, and other internal departments, many educators are now using electronic signatures.

Using a digital signature, educators can reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks. In addition, electronic signatures can also help to improve communication between departments. Using this technology, educators can ensure that all documents are properly signed and that the correct information is communicated between departments.

As a result, electronic signatures can play a vital role in streamlining operations across departments.

3. Improve communication with stakeholders/guardians

Certinal allows educational institutions and guardians to easily sign documents digitally, improving communication and reducing the time taken on paperwork. Certinal’s platform is user-friendly and secure, making it the ideal solution for keeping guardians informed and compliant with regulations.

With Certinal, educators can quickly obtain signatures on permissions and release forms, allowing them to focus on their students’ education.

In addition, Certinal’s digital signatures are legally binding and meet all industry standards, giving both educators and guardians the peace of mind that comes with knowing their documents are properly signed.

Whether it’s signing a permission slip for a field trip or a release form for medical treatment, Certinal makes it easy to get guardians’ approval.

4. Increase savings

Certinal’s digital documentation and electronic signatures can help education institutions reduce costs in several ways.

First, Certinal’s technology eliminates the need for printing, overnight deliveries, couriers, and copying. This can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Second, Certinal’s technology helps schools and universities improve productivity by automating filing and storing paperwork. This can save even more time and money.

Finally, Certinal’s digital signature technology is legally binding and tamper-proof. This means that schools and universities can rely on Certinal’s signatures to protect against fraud and save money on legal fees. Several education institutions around the world trust Certinal’s technology, and its commitment to cost reduction makes it an essential partner for any school.

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Use Cases

Schools and universities use electronic signatures in a range of situations such as

  • Student loan documents
  • Financial aid paperwork
  • Contracts
  • Offer letters
  • HR documents
  • Course enrollments
  • Permission slips
  • Leave applications
  • Progress reports
  • Timesheets


As institutions reopen, expect an avalanche of paperwork, ranging from building inspection reports and letters of recommendation to instructor licensure audits, staff leave requests, and so on, all of which will need to be approved by various signees. Whether you’re completely or partially opening the institution, a 100% contactless signing intervention is essential.

What does this imply for your organization? You can do the following with Certinal:

  • Assist parents and students in swiftly and easily signing financial aid applications. All you have to do now is create a signing order, assign signing roles, and send.
  • Invite your colleagues from different departments to work on the eSignature platform to enable speedy signing and exchange of timesheets and reports.
  • Assist instructors in using their classroom management plans to communicate clear expectations to parents and students.
  • Allow guardians to use biometrics to verify report cards and other papers in a touch-free environment.
  • Regular and repetitive events, such as processing staff leave requests, can be made more efficient.
  • Collect and save (in the cloud) all completed forms with a few clicks to simplify and safeguard student enrollment and staff hiring data.
  • Streamline and expedite the process of obtaining parental authorization for field trips, course registrations, emergency contact forms, and other activities.

Join the the revolution of eSignature solutions for education and eliminate the burden of having to physically sign a document. If you have any further questions or want more information about how Certinal could benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to book a demo with us.

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