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Pre-fill & Bulk Send documents for Digital Signatures using Certinal3 min read

Pre-fill & Bulk Send documents


Does your business frequently distribute the same document to numerous different recipients?

Just consider how much time and effort a worker who needs to collect 20 signatures physically would expend. Consider the process of printing the paper to be signed, the waiting game of gathering signatures, and the possibility of losing paper papers along the route, in addition to the employee chasing individuals for signatures. By completely automating the signature procedure, Certinal eSign reduces the time from days to minutes.

In addition, with Certinal eSign you can prefill & bulk send documents, considerably streamlines the sender’s experience when preparing a document for e-signature to a large number of recipients. With Certinal’s Pre-fill & Bulk Send documents feature, you may quickly deliver the same document to numerous recipients rather than manually prepare it for e-signatures.

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

What is Pre-fill & Bulk Send documents?

Bulk send is a feature using which one can create and track thousands of individual signing requests through a click. Using Certinal’s eSign you can prefill & bulk send documents to simplify your business procedures and save you time and money if your firm relies on frequent communications with its clients and workers.

It takes just a few clicks to import a list of signers, and each one is sent a copy of the document to sign, doing away with the need to make and mail out individual envelopes.

Use Cases of Bulk Send Different departments and industries can use the bulk send feature. It provides a simple way to track, customize, and deliver documents in bulk. Documents that have been signed are immediately sent back to senders for filing. Here are some frequent scenarios where bulk e-signature software has benefited companies:

High Volume Distribution of –

  • Asset identification · Employee policy and other HR updates
  • Payment verification forms
  • Class action lawsuit documentation
  • W-4 forms and many more

How to Bulk Send documents with Certinal eSign?

Step 1: Create Bulk Request

Navigate to the Bulk-Send tab on the Certinal home screen and click on ‘Create Bulk Request’

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

Step 2: Enter Template Details

Select and enter the template details and upload the agreement/documents in a PDF file.

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

Step 3: Assign Fields

Pre-fill all the recipients and sender’s fields in the template.

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

Step 4: Download and Upload CSV Template

Download and fill the CSV template with the contact information of everyone who needs to receive a copy of the document and upload it back into Certinal.

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

Step 5: Send

Send the document to everyone on the list. Each of them receives a unique copy to sign and return.

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

Step 6: Track

Just find the document you want to track. You may follow the progress of the bulk sending a document using the Bulk Send function.

Click the document and move your cursor over to the ‘Status Track’ option. The date the document was received, viewed, and signed is known. A notification via email will also be sent to you and the signer only once a copy has been completed and/or signed.

Prefill & Bulk Send Documents

Switch to Certinal

Is there a way your enterprise can take advantage of Certinal’s Pre-fill & Bulk documents Send feature?

Then, make the change immediately to reduce costs, save time and effort, and enhance the user experience for your customers and workers. Schedule a Demo today to discover the power of Certinal.

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