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OEM Partner Program from Certinal

In the age of born-in-the-cloud competitiveness, modernization has evolved from a buzzword in manufacturing to a survival strategy for existing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Innovations in technology, such as the industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence, and cyber-physical systems, speed up production, enable hyper-demand economies, and lessen the effects of inefficiencies from the production floor to ordering procedures and throughout the entire supply chain.

OEMs may concentrate their internal efforts on what comes next by partnering with a worldwide leader in product and customer lifecycle services. OEMs may continue to meet customer needs and protect brand reputation while advancing modernization goals by utilizing strategic partners for essential tasks like inventory management, product repair, maintenance, and customer account management.

The difficulty arises in locating the best vendor solution. In many cases, partners provide niche services. While those vendors are competent, building a portfolio of partnerships can quickly increase business complexity, causing more management and oversight issues than it solves. On the other hand, a single-vendor solution that can handle the majority of the required capabilities can improve business efficiency. 

OEM Partner Program Virtual Roundtable


Topic: Embed World-Class, Globally Compliant Digital Signature to Enhance Your Customer Solutions with OEM Partner Program from Certinal

Date & Time:

20th September, Tuesday – 05:30 AM IST | 10:00 AM AEST | 08:00 AM SGT         

22nd September, Thursday – 2:00 PM EDT | 8:00 PM CEST | 11:30 PM IST 

Speaker: Richard Waugh, VP Corporate Development at Zycus, has an extensive background in B2B eCommerce, going back to his early career at GE, where he helped launch GE’S Trading Process Network (TPN), the first on-line Marketplace for Sourcing and Procurement in the mid 1990’s. He was Co-Founder of B2eMarkets, one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) Sourcing Suite providers and later covered the Supply Management market as an Industry Analyst for the Aberdeen Group.

Digital Signatures & Identification That Powers your Customers Productivity

Certinal is an intelligent signature solution that powers Digital Transaction Management at global organizations—now deployed with leading large enterprises across the USA, Europe, APAC, and Australian markets, including Nissan, Graphic Packaging International, JEA, Brookdale Senior Living, Kajima Overseas Asia Pte. Ltd, and many more. It is a proven platform and will be of interest to organizations looking to digitize complex workflows in BFSI, Healthcare, financial services and other regulated markets.

Partner solutions – Certinal has a strong culture of collaborating with third-party organizations as a trusted advisor to enhance software products or services with embeddable e-signature technology. Incorporating Certinal eSign into your product or platform will create a strong partnership with a compelling alternative to first-generation e-signature products. Collaboration with a global digital signature product and customer lifecycle services expert can improve your supply chain, logistics, and customer lifecycle support operations, allowing you to focus on what is most important to your business transformation.

OEM Partner Program from Certinal

Why choose OEM Partner Program from Certinal? 

1. Stand out from competition

A procedure for digital agreements that is entirely automated contributes to the development of a reliable experience with high client uptake and completion rates. After partnering with a completely branded experience by Certinal eSign, your brand is put in the spotlight as we collaborate and offer a one-stop, customer-centric solution.  

2. Opportunities for additional revenues

In addition to the significant development cost and time advantages, Certinal may introduce your product to an untapped market and digitally sign documents seamlessly. Additionally, Certinal will be responsible for acquiring new clients, maintaining current ones, and increasing revenue. 

3. Enterprise ready e-signature solution

Everything you require to satisfy even the most stringent business requirements is part of our process automation solution, including accessibility, security, scalability, adaptability, and more. 

4. Easy to switch over

If you’re integrating for the first time, migrating from an existing integration, or using a custom solution, Certinal offers a developer-friendly open API that is simple to use and a compelling alternative to 1st generation e-signature products.

5. Partner VOC/aVoc

Overall, aVoc and VoC knowledge are essential. You need a partner who can assist you at every stage, from customer journey analysis to program design appropriate to supplying the required solutions to make your product successful.

6. Global regulatory Compliance

Designed to meet the needs of global organizations, Certinal’s eSignature solution provides a compelling alternative to 1st generation e-signature products. Customer experience is powered by Cognitive Assistance, a robust identity hub to meet e-governance mandates, and compliance with nuanced local regulations. 

7. Flexible Commercial Models

The flexible approach that Certinal has developed recognizes the benefits of electronic signatures. Wrappers or digital envelopes—internal and external—are used to calculate prices. Then, based on the goal, a consistent value is given to these wrappers which gives Certinal an undue advantage over our competitors. 

8. Partner support to build and maintain

An established support team for partners to build a one-stop solution and together grow as a customer centric product.

9. Fast implementation

Utilize various capabilities to enhance the signing process across online, mobile, in-person, and virtual channels by easily integrating with Certinal.

Partner Acceleration Program 

Benefit from our Partnership programs to accelerate your software integrations and take advantage of our partner network. 

  1. Access to Certinal training videos.
  2. 10 hours of architecture & development consulting, 2 hours each for 5 days.
  3. Access to dedicated Partner staging A/c for demo and testing.
  4. Access to Certinal eSign Rest API in Open API 3.0 standard documentation.
  5. Raise incidents for support and queries during development integration.
  6. Co-create with partner aVOC features for offering tighter integrations with your software.
  7. Create unlimited workflow templates and send out documents using templates from your software.
  8. Save up to 50% on internal documents which require eSignatures. 
  9. Achieve your software’s regional eSignature compliance for your customers through our eSignature and digital certificate-based signature hub.
  10. Automate your system generated outbound documents using your customer’s company eSeals/eStamps to prove authenticity before sharing with their business partners.
  11. Reseller model, Referral model or Flexi-model to best suit your commercial benefits of integration as you scale up.


It can be expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming to build e-signature and agreement automation capabilities from scratch to sign a document online. This requires resource commitments, which can take time away from honing core strengths. A market-leading solution supported by decades of successful implementations saves valuable time during development and accelerates go-to-market. The OEM Partner Program from Certinal offers a surprisingly simple approach to offer your clients top-notch digital agreement capabilities. Attend our webinar to find yourself the right eSignature partner as Certinal offers a wide range of partnership programs – legal partner, hr partner, insurance partner, banking partner, real estate partner, finance partner etc. Book a demo now!

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