The Definitive Guide to Sourcing NextGen eSignature: 5 Key Takeaways

NextGen eSignature


The marketplace for eSignature or digital signing solutions is experiencing a significant disruption, making it essential for sourcing teams to stay informed and adapt quickly. In this comprehensive eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Sourcing NextGen eSignature,” we delve into the critical aspects of eSignature adoption and provide valuable insights for sourcing teams. Here are five key takeaways from the eBook:

NextGen eSignature

Revisit eSignature spending:

Changing market dynamics: The evolving landscape of eSignature solutions calls for a reevaluation of your current spending. New players and innovative technologies are emerging, offering improved features and cost-effectiveness.

Competitive advantage: By revisiting your eSignature spending now, you can identify opportunities to leverage cutting-edge solutions, gain a competitive edge, and enhance your business processes.

Cost optimization: Assessing your eSignature spending allows you to identify areas of potential cost savings while ensuring that your chosen solution aligns with your organization’s specific needs.

Imperatives for prioritizing digital signing:

Enhanced efficiency and productivity: Digital signing streamlines document workflows, reducing manual tasks, and minimizing the risk of errors. Prioritizing digital signing across your business enterprise can lead to significant time savings and improved productivity.

Enhanced customer experience: Customers increasingly expect seamless digital interactions. By adopting eSignature solutions, you can provide a frictionless signing experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Compliance and security: Prioritizing digital signing enables you to strengthen compliance with regulations and industry standards, as well as enhance data security, reducing the risk of fraud or unauthorized access.

Common pain points for eSignature:

Integration challenges: Incompatibility with existing systems and processes can hinder the adoption of eSignature solutions. Addressing integration challenges early on is crucial to ensure a seamless implementation.

User adoption barriers: Resistance to change and lack of awareness or training can impede the successful adoption of eSignature solutions. User-friendly interfaces and comprehensive training programs are essential to drive user adoption.

Legal and regulatory considerations: Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements related to eSignature usage is vital to avoid potential legal pitfalls. Collaborating with legal and compliance teams is crucial during the sourcing process.

Building the NextGen eSignature sourcing team:

Identifying key stakeholders: The eSignature sourcing team should include representatives from various departments, such as procurement, IT, legal, and compliance. Their diverse perspectives ensure that all requirements and concerns are addressed.

Assigning roles: Clearly defining roles and responsibilities within the sourcing team is essential for effective collaboration. Roles such as project manager, technical expert, legal advisor, and vendor management lead are crucial for a successful sourcing process.

Unpacking total costs of ownership (TCO):

Beyond upfront costs: The total costs of ownership for eSignature solutions encompass more than just the initial implementation expenses. It’s crucial to consider ongoing maintenance, support, training, and integration costs to get a comprehensive understanding of the TCO.

Scalability and future needs: Evaluating the scalability of eSignature solutions and understanding potential future requirements will help avoid unexpected costs down the line. Consider factors such as user growth, document volume, and additional functionalities needed as your organization expands.


“The Definitive Guide to Sourcing NextGen eSignature” provides sourcing teams with a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the rapidly evolving eSignature landscape.

By revisiting eSignature spending, prioritizing digital signing, addressing common pain points, building an effective sourcing team, and understanding the TCO, organizations can position themselves for success in adopting the next generation of eSignature solutions.

Stay informed, adapt to the changing marketplace, and unlock the full potential of eSignature technology to drive efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ensure compliance. Intrigued by the power of Certinal? Book a Demo with us and discover how Certinal, a powerful next-gen eSignature tool can enhance your workflow.

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