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Paperless Forms

For any business striving to serve its customers better, information is critical. One of the ways to collect this information is through forms. Today, most interactions with customers and potential customers are through paperless forms on the business website. Your stand form template is functional, but ask yourself, is that enough for your business to collect relevant customer information? Will they be willing to fill out the form again in the future?   

In this blog, we’ll look at ways to make your paperless forms workflow enjoyable for your customers so they feel special every time they fill out your form.


Would you rather receive a birthday card that only says “Happy Birthday” or a card that also includes your name? Which one is going to make you feel special?  

If you want to make your customers feel special, communication with your customers must be personalized. Don’t shy away from using their names. This applies to paperless forms as well. Your customers will engage better with your forms if they directly address them. On the surface, this might not seem like much, but the power of personalized communication cannot be emphasized much. It shows them they are not just another customer in books for you.  

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Paperless Forms Design  

Any form, paper-based or paperless forms, must be designed carefully by keeping the respondents in mind. The form must be easily understandable and require minimal effort to fill. A form is intended to collect only some of the information in one go; it must be used to collect information as per the requirements of your business, and businesses’ need for information changes frequently. Therefore, use your forms to collect information necessary for your business operations. Stick to only having fields relevant to the data you want from your customer and avoid others. Forms with only the appropriate fields will help you keep your forms shorter and minimize the effort demanded from your customers.  

Incentives and Rewards  

What if personalizing isn’t just enough? How do you push your customers to fill in a paperless form but in a subtle way? By tapping into their need for gratification. One of the best ways of doing this is by using incentives. Offer any incentive that might be relevant and useful for your customer. On that note, you should check out Certinal’s insightful whitepapers and eBooks to improve the efficiency of your workflow.   

Don’t simply ask your customers and prospects to fill out your forms. Paperless forms or web forms might be more convenient than paper-based ones, but why should they fill in the form? What do they stand to gain from completing this task? Offer an incentive to motivate your audience to fill out paperless or web forms.   

Value Time and Effort  

Any time and effort put into filling your paperless forms by a customer or a prospect must be valued and acknowledged. Here are a few ways to let your customers know you appreciate their time and effort:   

  1. Be specific about how much time or effort is required to complete the form.   
  2. After the form submission has been made, send a personalized thank you note or message.   
  3. For form submissions related to business inquiries, promptly send a follow-up message letting your customers or prospects know who and when they’ll be reached out to.  


Paperless forms or web forms are a great way to collect information from your customers and prospects, but with some tweaks, they can also be used to improve customer engagement. For example, Certinal Webforms is changing how hospitals and patients interact – from patient intake to getting informed consent with web forms integrated with electronic signatures., improving workflow efficiency and engagement.  

To know more about Webforms and integrated eSignature solutions, book a demo. 

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