A new world of possibilities: Keys to evaluating a future-ready eSignature Solution

Future-ready eSignature Solution

In today’s digital era, a handwritten signature is less common. Contactless modes of transactions are trending and at the same time, it’s important to be able to digitally sign documents quickly and securely. An eSignature solution allows you to do just that, whether it’s in the financial sector or healthcare, or manufacturing, or whether you’re signing a legal document or a piece of digital art; esignatures are valid, legally-binding signatures that you can use for all your digital documents. Today, large enterprises are using next-generation technology to streamline their tasks and are opting for the use of Electronic signatures to fulfill one of the prerequisites for digital transformation.

Large enterprises are looking at future-ready eSignature solutions for various reasons-

1. Pandemic

Covid-19 has transformed businesses into a digital way of life and accelerated the adoption of eSignatures. Organizations entirely running on paper-based processes, and which had never planned for digitization before, had to make a switch to the digital world during the pandemic to fill the gaps in their digital business capabilities and enable business continuity.

2. Government Mandates 

Governments are framing regulations governing the use of electronic signatures for signing documents online across the globe. eSignature laws exist to protect you, your business partners, and your clients and it differs from country to country. Understanding electronic signature laws help to conduct legal businesses across the globe.

3. Rapid Digitalization

Business processes are going digital and crossing borders. Organizations across the world have taken a big step in their digital transformation journeys to end the Paper-based workflows and adopt digitization. As enterprise digitization initiatives scale up, the adoption of Electronic signatures also increases, which in turn improves completion rates.

4. High-end security solutions 

eSignatures protect against fraudulent activities. eSignatures are more secure than wet signatures as they come with a comprehensive activity record that acts as proof of the transaction also known as an audit trail. It also helps you to track the history of a detailed action taken on a particular document.

5. Profitable Environment 

Creates a leaner, greener, and more profitable environment. eSignatures can be a highly beneficial business tool for organizations as it helps to adopt eco-friendly business practices reducing their paper waste per business transaction.

Now, the need for eSignature solution is the most important priority of every business entering the digital era. Many industry experts also predict that the most successful businesses will adopt digitization for future transactions, and it has become critical for enterprises to embrace a future-ready eSignature solution for all business needs.

What makes an eSignature solution future-ready?

An eSignature solution guarantees the authenticity of a document that can be valid across borders and helps businesses save time while strengthening online trust & security. Modern eSignature solution makes online document sharing, signing, and approval process, a simple and seamless experience. They are the most secure and tamper-proof method of signing documents.

According to the Electronic Signature & Records Association, businesses experience an 83% performance improvement in getting approvals, along with 86% savings in document costs.

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While evaluating an eSignature solution for your enterprise, future fitment and resilience play a vital role and at the same time, it’s important to future-proof your eSignature investment.

What does it take to future proof your eSignature investment?

  • Security & Trust: Security is an extremely important space that cannot be ignored. While making your eSignature investment future-proof, you must try to ensure that holistic security is right in place. The top priority should be to focus on critical security aspects to strengthen the eSignature solution for your business.
  • Flexible & Integrated Deployment: The electronic signature for business will have major implications on the work processes & activities. If you want to enjoy the core benefits of electronic signature, then its alignment with the processes is a necessity. Modern eSignature solutions can be seamlessly integrated into legacy CRMs, any document workflows and third-party applications via an API. This makes integration easy, effortless, and quick to adopt.
  • Customization & Reporting: The best approach to future-proofing eSignature investment is to ensure customization and flexibility in your eSignature solution so that it does not affect the workflow and help your business in the long run. The award-winning eSignature solution should offer a larger document management tool that includes drag-and-drop form integration, automated workflows, and comprehensive audit trails.

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Certinal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zycus and is an intelligent digital signature solution that powers Digital Transaction Management at global organizations now deployed with leading large enterprises across the USA, Europe, APAC, and Australian markets.

Sneak-Peek into the Certinal eSignature Solution

The organization that has implemented an enterprise-grade eSignature solution has enjoyed enhanced automation throughout its delivery pipeline, thereby eliminating the gaps in the current processes and ensuring pro-active security thus lowering the total cost of ownership.

So, to know what is common between Nissan, Graphic Packaging International, JEA, Brookdale Senior Living, and Kajima Overseas Asia Pte. Ltd. Join our live 30 minutes short demonstration on Certinal’s Digital Signature Solution and also get an assured $20 Amazon gift card.

What is planned for you?

  • The new world of possibilities in eSignatures
  • Keys to evaluating future-ready eSignature solutions:-
  • Electronic Signature Types
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • Customization and Reporting
  • Economic impact and cost savings
  • Sneak Peek into the Certinal eSignature Solution
  • Customer Case Study

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