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Digital Signature Software for the Hybrid Workforce

In the year 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak impacted worldwide labour markets. The short-term implications were typically harsh. Streamline document signing, enhance remote collaboration, and ensure compliance seamlessly. with digital signature software for the hybrid workforce. Many companies made a rapid transition to working from home. The world is entering a new era where in-office work and remote working co-exist. This global impact has increased collective reliance on digital technologies and revealed the scope of tools that enable firms to optimize the productivity of their hybrid workforce.

Digital Signature Software for the Hybrid Workforce

A good understanding of the shift in working methods will help you make the right decision while choosing your digital signature software for the hybrid workforce. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Shift to a Hybrid Workforce:

Many businesses have stated that hybrid and remote work are here to stay. Although the pandemic was the driving force behind this change, hybrid work environments are becoming more common in the workplace.

The hybrid workplace has presented various obstacles with unique opportunities and new prospects for the workforce. Understanding how to adapt to the shift becomes critical for success as business executives prepare for a future where hybrid work is the norm. The switch will include investing in proper tools and solutions that help in increasing productivity.

An e-Signature solution is a tool that can assist your company in reaching the ultimate sweet spot by automating procedures with minimal effort. Paper signatures add time and effort to the signing procedure, which could be used to spend on more productive duties. Businesses can improve the customer experience by enhancing the end-to-end signing process.

2. Adapt to Automated Digital Signature Solutions:

Automating one everyday operation could boost the productivity of your business significantly. The most significant benefits of signature automation are time and cost savings. You won’t have to waste paper and ink printing documents. Obtaining in-person signatures could be complex in a hybrid workplace because you cannot get an in-person signature from someone away from the office.

Sending and receiving digital documents is almost quick, and adding a signature takes only a few seconds with eSignature tools. Signature automation also assists in the management of the signature process. You can quickly keep track of papers, summarize your documents, and mitigate risk and auto purpose signature blocks. AI-enabled cognitive assistance in signature products helps maintain security by creating audit logs and cloud-based digital certificates. E-signature solutions can also be integrated into all departments and industries, reducing the requirement for manual data entry and the risk of human error.

3. Reduce Business Costs with eSignatures:

The document approval process might cost you a fortune as it involves steps like – review inspection forms, getting customer edits, capturing signatures and supervising approvals.  As a result, signature solutions can help you save a significant amount of money as it provides electronic document authentication using smart devices.

As a buyer, you should ask the vendor how they price the solution. Is it reducing your costs by paying per signature or per document? Do you need to pay additional fees for a particular capability, like user authentication or connector? It is better to avoid any last-minute hassles, work with proper planning and save costs by selecting the right eSignature solution.


The hybrid model of the workforce is here to stay. Therefore, a tool that helps automate signatures should be on the list of remote work tools for any virtual team to thrive in remote work culture. As more companies subscribe to different e-signature solutions, there is an increasing need for trust and transparency in such e-signature / digital signature providers. Certinal eSign is a future-ready Digital Transaction Management solution that provides trust, security, and compliance. It is committed to providing a one-stop solution to its customers’ global regulatory compliance requirements for enterprise clients. It is compliant with various security standards confirming different regional regulations.

Are you prepared to optimize your hybrid workforce’s document processing and overall business practices? Book a demo with us to take advantage of digital signature automation.

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