How to Sign Documents on Android Phones or Tablets

How to Sign Documents on Android

How to Sign Documents on Android

If you were to hop on Google search and type in “smartphone market share by operating system”, you’ll be quick to find that Android phones and tablets have the highest market share. Over the last decade, they have become prevalent for many reasons – feature, pricing, innovation, and more.   

Android devices are versatile; they can be used for education, entertainment, and even management of business documents. You can securely access and sign business documents using Android phones and tablets.  

In this blog, we’ll explore how to sign documents on Android using signature solutions.   

Benefits of Using E-Signatures on Android   

Signing on the go: Don’t wait to sign a document until you are near a computer or a printer. If you are a business professional constantly on the move, signatures in Android can enable you to sign crucial business documents on the go.    

Secure signatures: If you are someone like me and you prioritize security, you can be assured that eSignature on Android uses encryption to secure your documents and signature.   

Environmental sustainability: You no longer must print documents from your computer to sign them; you only need your Android phone with an eSignature solution. Your business can fulfil its commitment to being environmentally responsible by eliminating paper-based signatures with eSignature on Android.   

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Documents on Android   

1. Install an eSignature to your Android: Let’s start by choosing an eSignature solution and downloading it to your Android phone or tablet.  

For more guidance on selecting the right eSignature solution for your business, check out our eBook “Your Definitive Guide to Sourcing NextGen eSignature”.   

2. Importing the Document: It’s time to sign the document, but first things first, let’s import the document that needs your signature. Most businesses deal in various document file formats, and signature solutions support most of these formats.  

3. Adding Your Signature: Now, let’s sign the document you imported. Depending on your eSignature solution app, you can draw your signature with your finger or stylus, upload an existing image, or use the app’s signature generator.   

4. Placing and Resizing: Position your signature in the designated field within the document and resize it to fit perfectly.   

5. Saving and Sending: Once you have signed the document using eSignature, save the document and use the share option to send the documents.   

How to Sign Documents on Android with Certinal eSign   

1. Sending the Document: You can prepare the document, including specifying signature fields, and add recipients on the Certinal eSign platform before sending it out. The recipient will receive a notification. You’ll be able to track and monitor all the events around the signing events using the in-built audit trail.  

2. Review and Signing: The recipient can access the document on any Android device using the Certinal eSign platform regardless of the size or format.  

Additionally, the signer can use AI to auto-summarize lengthy contracts that require signature.  


Signing documents on your mobile device is accessible and convenient, but it’s crucial to prioritize security in your workflow. We recommend using a reliable and compliant eSignature solution like Certinal eSign.   

Book a demo with us today to experience Certinal eSign and discover how AI-powered eSignature can revolutionize workflows and save costs for your business. 

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