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How To Sign a Document Sent by Email?

We get our documents signed to secure approvals from those who can sign off on them. To get our documents signed, we use various channels to send the documents to the signer who has the authority to provide approval. For example, if you seek to get some payment cleared from your client, you will send them a copy of the payment receipts for them to review and sign off on. Now, you can send these receipts to your clients through various channels for signature or approval.  

Email is the most used channel businesses use to send documents that require signature for approval. Let’s see how to sign documents sent by email for approval securely.  

Old Way of Signing Documents Sent by Email  

Sending documents through email for approval is not new, however, before the widespread adoption of digital tools such as electronic signatures, signing these documents involved using wet signatures 

  • Preparation and Sending the Documents for Approval: You prepare the document for getting approval or signatures by creating all relevant fields, including fields for signatures. You will send the documents to trusted recipients through email.   
  • Printing and Signing the Document: Documents which require a signature for approval are printed by the recipient. Once the documents are printed, the recipients will sign the document in all the relevant fields using ink.   
  • Scanning and Sending the Documents: Once you have printed and signed the document, the next step is to scan the documents using a scanner and send the document back to the sender through email.  

Printing paper copies of sensitive documents also meant an increased risk of vulnerability exposure. In cases where approvals or signatures from multiple parties are required, this decentralized process involving wet signatures proved highly inefficient, resulting in multiple copies of the same document.  

Certinal eSign: Using Electronic Signature to Sign Documents Sent by Email  

  • Creating the Signature Workflow: Upload the documents to the electronic signature platform and create signature fields in the documents. To avoid working with multiple copies of the document for approval on the same document, a workflow is created that links each signature field to the appropriate recipient.  
  • Adding and Sending Documents to Recipients: Add relevant recipient email addresses in your electronic signature platform from whom you seek approval on the documents.  
  • Securing Approval: Once the recipients added by you receive the documents, they can securely sign the documents to give their approval. You will be notified once recipients sign off on the fields linked to them.  

Using electronic signatures for securing approval on documents sent by email eliminates the hassle of dealing with wet signatures. It ensures secure and efficient signing experience for the signer and the one seeking approval.  

Is It Safe to Use an Electronic Signature?  

Electronic signatures, such as Certinal eSign, protect documents and signatures against security threats and ensure compliant document signing. Electronic signature software is equipped with audit trails that ensure the integrity of the documents. In short, all this means documents signed using electronic signatures are tamper evident, providing conclusive evidence of any attempt to tamper with the document or the signature. So, you can be confident that all documents signed using electronic signatures are safe and protected against tampering.  


Getting approvals has never been easier. With Certinal eSign, you can send documents for signatures or secure approvals. Based on advanced technology, electronic signatures ensure highly secure document signing. Certinal eSign also provides compliant document signing with its exhaustive coverage of local and global compliance requirements.  

Book a demo with us today if you want to learn more about electronic signatures for business workflows. 

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