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How to Insert Signature in MS Word4 min read

How to insert signature in ms word

Microsoft Word is perhaps the most used software in creating documents, including contracts, agreements, and forms. Even the draft of this blog post you are reading was created using Microsoft Word. It even lets you create crucial business documents on the go.  

The convivence it offers is the reason behind its widespread adoption. Word has been constantly pushed to its limit since its launch in 1989 and it’s not surprising to note that people expect to sign documents within Microsoft Word. Is this possible? In this blog post, I’ll explore a few ways of signing documents in Microsoft Word. 

How add a signature line in Word 

Before going ahead and inserting a signature. You must create a dedicated space in the document for signatures. Doing this will help avoid confusion as to where the signature must go in the document. Having a designated signature space can also lead to a quicker response to your request for a signature from the signer. Let’s create a signature line in Microsoft Word: 

  • Click where you want the signer to sign the document. 
  • Select the Signature Line, from the Insert tab. 
  • The Signature Setup dialogue box should appear where you can input the Signer’s information and signing instructions. 

How add a signature line in Word 

If this option is not available in the version of Word you use, a simple horizontal line can be an alternative for you. To do this in Windows PC, press CTRL + U and press space until you get to the desired length of signature line. You can do the same in a Mac by pressing Command + U. 

Now that your signer knows where to sign the next step is to sign the document. There are a couple of simple ways to do this. Let’s look at the simplest way first. 

How to Create an eSignature in Word by Scanning Signature 

Before trying this method, you’ll need a scanned image of the signature, which must be in a format recognizable by Microsoft Word.  

  • Select Picture from the Insert tab. A window to select the image must appear now. 
  • Now navigate to the location where the image is stored and Select the Image. 
  • To Sign the Document, place the image at the designated signature line. 

How to Create an eSignature in Word

This method offers no security features that full-service electronic signature software or esignature solutions like Certinal eSign offer, but it can be used for non-sensitive documents. How to sign documents that contain sensitive information and need to be protected. 

How to Create an eSignature in Word Using Certinal eSign 

Enterprise grade eSignature software solution like Certinal support documents in the following formats: 

1. Word (.doc and .docx) 

2. PDF  

3. Graphics 

Here’s how to send Word documents across for signatures using Certinal eSign: 

The Sender’s Journey 

1. The sender will navigate to the Send page by either clicking on the Send a
Document tile on the homepage or on Send from the header navigation bar. 

2. The sender can upload the Microsoft Word documents by clicking on From Computer under the Upload Documents section and select the document. 

3. Alternatively, the sender can also Drag and Drop the required Word files to the Drag and Drop
window to upload them to the signature request. 

4. Oce the document is uploaded the sender and assign Signature Fields in the documents and Send the Word Documents to the recipient for signature. 

The Signer’s Journey 

1. Any signer, irrespective of an account user or an external user will be able to sign the
document for which they are added as a recipient. 

2. Multiple authentication mechanisms are available for the signer to authenticate
themselves based on the rules defined by the sender during the time of request

For an enriched signing experience the, the Signer can use the Certinal AI for Auto-Summarization of the Word document and quickly review the document.  

Why is a full-service eSignature solution like Certinal eSign a better alternative to signing documents using word? 

1. Advanced Security 

Certinal offers advanced security features to protect your signature workflow and documents against tampering.   

2. Global and Local Compliance 

Certinal eSign ensures 100% legal and security compliance at global and local levels. So, you can be assured of a risk-free signing experience. 

3. Seamless Integration 

Certinal eSignature solution effortlessly integrates with CRM, EHR, EMR and more to enhance your signature workflow and document management. 

If you are new to eSignature solutions and want to learn more, read the must-read primer to get started with e-Signatures. 


The flexibility to sign documents irrespective of the document format is a crucial reason to consider using an enterprise-grade signature solution like Certinal eSign.  

Signatures created using only Microsoft Word can never be a match to eSignatures solutions like Certinal eSign in terms of Security and compliance. 

To know more about the capabilities of Certinal Sign, book a demo with us. 

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