How to Add a Digital Signature to a PDF Document with Certinal eSign

How to Add a Digital Signature to a PDF Document

The era of paper-based document prints, signatures, scans is disappearing in the digital era. The use of digital signatures on PDF files forms the modern approach of ensuring security, confidentiality, and convenience in document handling. Here, you will be provided with an opportunity to learn more on electronic signature that is quite simple to integrate in one’s pdf files using certinal esign solution. The power in understanding digital signatures.

However, let’s start by acknowledging the importance of digital signature before touching on how to. Digital signature is a more secure means of adding authenticity and safety measures to your documents that have been generated in a digital format unlike handwritten signatures. Cryptographical algorithms are used in order to keep their document intact, as well as confirming that indeed a particular person has signed it.

Electronic signatures guarantees document safety and automate processes without having people physically present or do bulky papers. It offers even better processes for signing documents such as the certified eSign which is also easy for users.

Step 1: Choose Certinal eSign

Finding the appropriate tool to aid you in mastering digital signatures marks the first step in your voyage. However, Certinal eSign sets itself apart from all other e-signature tools by being easy to use but still having strong security measures as well as being able to work together effortlessly with PDF files. First of all you should log onto the Certinal eSign site and register. Upon registration you will have access to a dashboard which acts as your control board for e-signatures management.

Step 2: Upload Your PDF Document

You are now set to go ahead and upload the certified PDF document with your Certinal eSign account. Go to the Dashboard in my account section, where you will see “Upload Document”. While Certinal eSign supports different types of files, for this case it will solely focus on the PDF. Once you have submitted your document you may choose to check over it to confirm that it reads exactly as expected. Certinal eSign also has a preview option that you can use as a “scratch paper” for scrolling the document and correct it before going on to signing.

Step 3: Place Your Digital Signature

Placing of your signature on Certinal’s software after your upload and ready to sign your document becomes an easy task as well. At its best, Certinal eSign will allow you to choose the place in the document where you need to sign by adding your digital signature.

It offers a variety of signature styles which ensure that your digital signatures are distinctively yours. Additionally, with Certinal eSign, you are able to manipulate the proportions and positioning of your signature, placing it according to your own liking, thereby controlling a visual element of your digital signature.

Step 4: Add Additional Fields

Just like the story about an ice berg, Certinal eSign digital signatures are only the beginning point of solutions this platform offers for businesses. Depending upon your document’s needs, one could specify further fields like date, initials, or boxes. These areas not only improve the readability of the paper for signing but also make the signing process holistic and complete.

Adding these fields is also quite simple since Certinal eSign uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Select the type of the box you need and then place it in a desirable location and modify according to your needs.

Step 5: Invite Signers

Through all this, Certinal eSign understands that collaboration is fundamental as there may be multiple interested parties in the sign process. After you have attached your digital signature as well as required fields, you can send the same document to other individuals for signing. Therefore, Certinal eSign enables one to arrange signers for a document in an organized manner, allowing one to send a document to different signers in a particular order.

Step 6: Review and Finalize

It is advisable for one to read through the document and fill in any missing information before signing it off. Certinal eSign offers complete information on each signer including their signature status in order to give you a clear idea of the situation and those tasks that still require your attention.

After you are comfortable enough with the document, you can sign it off. Certinal esign will automatically apply the required cryptographic elements to your digital signature thereby sealing your document and provide an irremovable stamp of authenticity.

Conclusion Congratulations! you have signed your documents digitally with Certinal eSign. The integration of digital signature increases safety of document and improves work process.

Certinal eSign’s intuitive interface coupled with its powerful characteristics makes it a joyful and hassle free exercise. Embrace certified electronic signatures (Certinal eSign) which have bid paper based manual formalities farewell. Never has it been simpler to master the art of digital signatures! Book a  demo now!

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