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Sign a Document on Phone

There’s a good chance the next person to land on this page will use a mobile phone to read this blog post. Phones are now meant to be your handheld computing devices. So, if you have ever wondered, “How can I sign a document on my phone?” You are not alone.  

Businesses today must look beyond convenience; they are expected to have the highest security measures and meet stringent compliance requirements.  

As you read on, we’ll explore different ways of signing documents on your phone and how you can do it by meeting all your security and compliance requirements. Let’s get started.  

Compliance and Security of Signing Documents on Phone  

Any security lapse or failure to meet compliance requirements leaves businesses vulnerable to potential legal action. Therefore, you must always stay vigilant if you are a business operating across multiple national and international boundaries.  

However, eSignature solutions make things easier by offering the highest security and compliance management level. Advanced encryption protocols protect electronic signatures against unauthorized access and tampering.  

Moreover, they are frequently updated to meet the legal requirements of the ever-evolving legal landscape of local and federal governments and legal systems.  

Common Ways of How Can I Sign a Document on My Phone?  

You’ll need an eSignature solution application installed on your phone or access to a web-based eSignature solution application. How you sign a document on your phone may vary depending on your choice of eSignature solution application.  

Here are a few common ways of signing across different applications for phones:  

1. Drawing a Signature: Most eSignature solutions or document management apps come with an option to draw your signature. Once you select this option, you can replicate a “wet signature” on the digital document.   

2. Uploading Image of the Signature: If you have saved an image of your wet signature, you can use this method to sign your documents. First, open the document you want to sign and then navigate to the signature field. Now select the option to upload an image and embed your signature’s image in the signature field.  

3. Typing Your Signature: Drawing your signature on your phone may not always give you satisfactory output, and uploading an image of the signature requires you to have an image saved and readily accessible. A way around this problem is using the option to type the characters of your signature. This is the easiest way of signing a document on the phone.  

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Why Should You Use a Full-service Enterprise Level eSignature Solution on Your Phone? 

Enterprise-level eSignature solutions like the Certinal eSign offer the highest level of security. They offer all the methods of signing mentioned above but ensure that they are fully protected by using advanced technology and security features. They are regularly updated to meet the compliance requirements of different industries across the globe.  

Using an enterprise-level eSignature solution, you can be assured of security and compliance regardless of the device you use to access and sign documents.  

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