HIPAA Compliance with Digital Signatures: A Guide for the Healthcare Industry3 min read

HIPAA Compliance with Digital Signatures

Navigating through the labyrinth that is healthcare regulations can be intimidating, especially when trying to prevent patient information from falling into wrong hands. Digital signatures have become a strong tool for simplifying workflow and enhancing efficiency in healthcare, but they often raise the issue of compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA.  This blog seeks to demystify the field of HIPAA compliance with Digital Signatures as it relates to medical institutions.

First of all, is there room for using digital signatures by healthcare entities under HIPAA? It is a resounding yes! HIPAA itself does not specifically require paper signatures, instead emphasizing on the protection and security of Protected Health Information (PHI). 

The chosen digital signature solution has to follow the applied laws and regulations, then it becomes a valid form of HIPAA compliance with digital signatures. Therefore, what makes a digital signature solution HIPAA-compliant?  

HIPAA Compliance with Digital Signatures- Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Compliance with federal and state e-signature laws: The two main acts regulating e-signatures are the ESIGN Act and UETA. Make sure that your chosen solution complies with these laws for legally binding signatures.
2. Robust security measures: The solution should use strong encryption for documents and transmissions, secure authentication protocols, access controls to ensure that only authorized people have access to PHI.
3. Audit trails and non-repudiation: The solution must have a comprehensive audit trail detailing every step made on the document, such as signing into it or viewing and even amending them. This leaves a clear trail of responsibility and reinforces non-repudiation, whereby the signer cannot later say he or she did not place their signature.
4. Business Associate Agreements (BAAs): If the digital signature solution relies on an outside vendor, a BAA must be in place to ensure that the third party protects PHI as well as your organization does. 

Certinal eSign is a digital signature solution that was developed exclusively for the health sector while focusing on HIPAA compliant solutions.  

It seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, offering features like: 

Enhanced security through two-factor authentication and role based access control.
AES -256 standard level document encryption for superior protection of data even after a bust.
Complete transparency and accountability through comprehensive audit trails that document every action taken on the document.
Integration with popular Electronic Health Records EHR for a simplified signing process.
HIPAA-compliant workflows ready to use for hassle free implementation.

Beyond compliance, digital signatures with Certinal eSign offer numerous benefits for healthcare organizations:

Enhanced patient experience: Such a digital signature allows patients to eliminate the need for paper forms and in-person appointments when signing documents.
Improved workflow efficiency: Electronic documents can be signed and processed, thereby reducing the processing times and administrative burden significantly.
Cost savings: Eliminating paper usage and reducing in-person interactions can lead to substantial cost savings for healthcare organizations.
Reduced risk of errors: Digital signatures reduce the risks of human errors when dealing with manual data entry and document handling. 

In summary, digitised signatures under HIPAA is an incredibly potent tool for healthcare organizations to increase efficiency, improve patient experience and manage costs while staying ethically compliant. 

Choosing a HIPAA compliant solution such as Certinal eSign allows healthcare entities to embrace the technology with confidence, reaping all possible benefits without breaking any patient data privacy and security rules.

Starting with Certinal eSign is low touch and suited to the growing needs of your organization. The AI-powered features assist you with fast decision-making and quick document preparation. Organizations can achieve cycle time reductions of up to 80 percent with Certinal eSign. 

Book a demo today and discover how digital signatures can accelerate your business process, improve efficiency & productivity or write to us at switchto@certinal.com to know how Certinal can fit into your digital eco system.

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