GDPR Compliance with e-Signatures: Streamlining Business and Protecting Data 

GDPR Compliance with e-Signatures


In the modern digital world, eSignatures facilitate finalization of agreements and contracts in a convenient way. However, in the era of GDPR, it is essential to comply with data privacy standards. Walking a tightrope, for business entities located in the EU or handling personal data of individuals residing there. Fear not, intrepid signers! Certinal eSign is there to assist you in simplifying the complexity of GDPR compliance with e-Signatures, while allowing eSignatures to reach their full potential. 

First of all, what is GDPR and why should it be relevant to the e-signatures? 

GDPR is a broad regulation applied by the EU to safeguard its citizens’ personal data. It covers all organizations that process or control the personal data of EU residents, irrespective of where situated. Personal data may include an array of information, from names to email addresses to IP numbers and even biometrics. This data is unavoidable when using e-signatures, instigating the necessity for GDPR. 

What does Certinal eSign do to assist you ensure GDPR compliance with e-Signatures? 

1. Transparency and Consent: 

Informed consent: Certinal eSign, before requesting a signature it can be made clear for you what data is being collected how this will use and the signer’s rights under GDPR. This transparency ensures informed consent, which is one of the essential aspects in complying with GDPR. 

2. Data Security and Integrity:

End-to-end encryption: Certinal eSign provides strong encryption for all data in transit and at rest, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access or breaches. This ensures the protection of personal data and earns trust from your signers. 

Audit trails and tamper-proof evidence: Every step of the signing process is documented with detailed audit trails. This provides a clear timeline of events and irrefutable proof of document integrity, meeting GDPR’s accountability requirements. 

1. Data Subject Rights:

• Right to access: Certinal eSign enables access to any personal data related with a document that has been signed upon request. This enables people to access, check and review their information as well correct it.
• Right to erasure: Certinal eSign makes it easy to delete a signer’s data from our system and respect their right towards being forgotten, should they want that.

2. Compliance Tools and Support:

Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs): We provide you with guidance and tools on how to conduct DPIAs for e-signature processes so that your organization can identify potential data privacy risks and mitigate them.
• GDPR-compliant service agreements: Our service agreements demonstrate our commitment to data protection and GDPR compliance, ensuring you can sleep soundly at night.
Beyond compliance, Certinal eSign offers several advantages for your business:
• Increased efficiency: E-signatures make the document turnaround considerably faster, thus increasing productivity and cutting down on costs.
• Improved customer experience: Efficient signing procedures boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
• Global reach: Go beyond geographical boundaries to reach a wider audience.

So, e-signatures are not only about saving time; combined with the right platform they can be GDPR compliant power tools. Certinal eSign offers a full spectrum solution that makes compliance easy, safeguards data and simplifies your e signature journey. Walk the line between e-signature efficiency and secure data handling.

Starting with Certinal eSign is low touch and suited to the growing needs of your organization. The AI-powered features assist you with fast decision-making and quick document preparation. Organizations can achieve cycle time reductions of up to 80 percent with Certinal eSign. 

Book a demo today and discover how digital signatures can accelerate your business process, improve efficiency & productivity or write to us at to know how Certinal can fit into your digital ecosystem.

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