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AI driven eSignature Solutions


The era of signatures in a world geared towards technology has witnessed an enormous leap from handwriting to electronic signatures. Consequently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game changer in a landscape as it transforms the ways in conducting a signature. Certinal is one of the first movers in this transformative technology where it provides state-of-the-art AI driven esignature solutions that revolutionize ease, safety as well as productivity.

AI evolution of esignatures 

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in eSignature solutions has opened up numerous opportunities that have taken the process of signing to new heights. Certinal, which adopts innovative solutions, includes a full-fledged artificial intelligence for all the elements of eSigning. The introduction of AI in everything including authentication, security, document management and analysis has positioned Certinal at the forefront in the competitive marketplace. 

Certinal’s auto contract summarization – strength and power

Auto Contract Summarization is a unique feature that is available only in the suite of certification’s tools. The state of art feature employs highly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm that cuts lengthy contracts and docs into brief digestible version. A game changer groundbreaking feature that assures users easy analysis and safe signing. 

First, the contract is loaded on the Certinal website for easy access. In just a blink of an eye, Certinial’s AI engine powered with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms traverses through the document while comprehensively pinpointing the critical clauses, terms, obligations, and possible threats. With this analysis, the system provides a summary of the contract to the users, summarizing the key parts of the contract. 

The summary of a contract does two important things; one is the reduction in complexity as well as second is highlighting the crux of the contract. Decision-making becomes effective and less expensive in terms of time; this is made possible, when one does not have to read through long contracts but still captures all information relevant for a decision. This is a risk mitigating measure and it empowers a user to be informed, take decisions and go ahead in signing. 

The integration of AI in eSignature solutions, such as Certinal’s, offers an array of unparalleled benefits, completely transforming the signing landscape for both individuals and businesses: 

1. Elevated Security Measures: AI algorithms reinforce the security protocols to make sure that signatures are verified, authentic, and unaltered. They act as a strong fence against any form of fraudulent practice in relation to secret documents and business deals.

2. Efficiency Amplification and Time Economy: The entire signing cycle is greatly automated leading to elimination of delays associated with conventional signing procedures. Some of the advanced features in Certinal include Auto Contracts Summarizer that utilizes Artificial Intelligence which cuts down transaction periods and consequently enables fast transaction processes and decisions making.

3. Error Mitigation: Validation agents that are based on AI help greatly in reducing mistakes by checking off against the data points. This very detailed verification process leads towards the creation of accurate, without errors, and conform documents that altogether improve general precision.

4. Tailored Customization and Personalized Experiences: Such highly efficient AI algorithms are able to grasp the user’s behaviours, permitting them to offer customised advices for personalised signing experiences. The personalized nature of this customization increases the user’s satisfaction and efficiency since this procedure comes quite close to individuals’ taste.

5. Enhanced Scalability and Ubiquitous Accessibility: Clouds in Certinal provide amazing scalability and accessibility for the cloud based AI solution. It gives users access to flexibility of signing documents from anywhere, anytime with any device and is thus well-integrated in one’s workflow even if the user is located remotely or working on a distinct gadget.

Merging the artificial intelligence abilities in an eSignature solution increases safety, precision, and makes it easy for the consumers. 

Conclusion- AI Driven eSignature Solutions

Combination of AI with eSignatures opens up a new chapter in swiftness, safety, and practicality as far as signing documents is concerned. Certinal being on the lead front of technical advancement demonstrates creativity with its AI-based electronic signature solution. Having said that, the Auto Contract Summarization feature introduced by Certinal demonstrates its intent of reformatting the signing process with efficient analysis and no signing risks.

Going forward, it can be anticipated that collaboration of AI and electronic signature solutions will give rise to new perspectives and approaches in relation to electronic signing. With certinal’s commitment to leverage on AI, the consumers will not only be encouraged to adopt innovation but also comfortable with their document signing efforts.

Write to us at switchto@certinal.com or click here to book a demo, to gain a better understanding of how artificial intelligence-powered eSignatures can contribute to your organization’s success. 

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