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Certinal eSign is a future-ready Digital Transaction Management solution which has been recognized in the 2022 Gartner® market guide for electronic signature vendors. Certinal announces its inclusion in the 2022 Gartner “Market Guide for Electronic Signature” report as a Representative Vendor. Whereas the Market Guide states that “there are hundreds of electronic and digital signature providers globally, and increasingly there is little functional distinction between them.”  Certinal was one of the 22 listed as “Representative Vendors,” which, according to Gartner, “are most commonly mentioned in inquiry with global Gartner clients.”

Certinal has grabbed the attention of enterprise businesses with its full-service enterprise-grade digital signature solution, which includes SES, AES, and QES signature types, for over two decades through its association with the parent company Zycus. Certinal’s digital signature solution offers enterprise-grade security with a flexible and competitive pricing model of ‘High Volume, Low Price.’ In addition, Certinal aims to achieve maximum client satisfaction through its complex enterprise management, New Age UI and Cognitive Assistance.

Here’s everything you need to know about Certinal, a “Representative Vendor” in the Gartner® Market Guide for Electronic Signatures:

1. Unique Features:

Secure eMail:

E-mails with documents that require signing can be easily forwarded by the authorized signatory to an unauthorized signatory, which leads to an easy repudiation of the signed contract.

Certinal’s solution comes with a unique feature with a secure authentication process that ensures your agreements are only accessible and signed by the people who are supposed to be signing them. Secure Email is a configurable feature that prevents signers from forwarding “Review and Sign” document emails and captures the true identity of the signer. Click here to know more about the feature.

100 MB File Size Limit:

Digital signatures have become a must in the automated world of digitization. You don’t have to wait for the mail or get in your car to drop off documents. However, the challenge that arises while digitally signing documents is with file size greater than 25MB. For instance, you get an error “⚠File exceeds size limit of 25MB” when you try to send out creatives, CADs or files with bigger file sizes for signing digitally, which could be frustrating. Certinal’s enterprise grade e-signature solution handles 4x that size, i.e.,100MB, and is being enhanced further to make your signing journey seamless. Click here to know more about the feature.

Bulk Signing:

Bulk Signing is an automated document signing software that allows users to sign documents digitally without manually interacting with those multiple signers. The automatic bulk signing solution can be used by businesses that generate sizable number of papers that need to be digitally signed daily or weekly, such as invoices, bank statements, bills, HR paperwork, etc.

Automate the multi-party signing process and improve your business productivity with Certinal’s Bulk PDF signing. Click here to know more about the feature.

2. Digital Signature Certificates

Digital certificate-based signing ensures a high level of security with Certinal eSign. There is a unique certificate of authenticity for each signed document. Digital signatures employ cryptography to verify the identity of the person who electronically signs a document. Digital signature technology is based on critical public infrastructure (PKI). To verify the authenticity of the electronic signature, PKI collaborates with a third-party Certificate Authority (CA) to match the signer with their digital identity (ID verification)

Be at ease knowing that Certinal eSign supports digital certificate-based signing, so you can:

  • Check the dates and signatories.
  • Run reports and access administrator information.
  • Create reusable wrappers and templates for the ones you send most frequently.

Electronic Signature Vendors USB Token for DSC

3. USB token and Cloud based Signing:

As per most global digital signature law requirements, signers must carry a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in a secure signature creation device. In implementation by Certificate Authority, this secure signature creation device can be a USB token for digital signature, Smart Card, or HSM server for specific countries like the EU and US, where Remote digital certificate-based signatures are allowed. Cloud-based trust service is an updated version of token-based signing. However, USB-based signing is mandated in many countries. Certinal’s USB token/ smart card or a cloud-based trust service is used to prevent violations.

Clicking on the digital signature tab will now give the signer an option to sign the documents with a USB token for DSC when attached to the system. First-time users will have to download the Certinal PKI as a pre-requisite. A public key infrastructure (PKI) token stores a digital signature that may be used to sign or log in and is regarded as the safest technique for logging in due to strong encryption. Click here to book a demo with us and improve the level of security in digital signing.

4. API Integrations:

Extensive experience integrating with enterprise software. APIs make it simple to integrate any service with already in-use applications. Without allocating internal resources to the maintenance or management of the specialized service, enterprise businesses can integrate competitive advantages into their core business model thanks to APIs. As a result, modern corporations may operate in a new environment where they can act quickly, use cutting-edge technology to improve their core competencies, and concentrate on the big picture. We (Certinal) assist businesses in automating the procedures and tracking of millions of documents at once using Certinal’s esignature api-focused technologies. Using APIs, Certinal also enables big companies to include those features in their website or application.

5. Benefits of adopting Certinal:

  • Flexible Pricing with savings upto 50% on enterprise eSign cost: Monopolistic vendors charge higher owing to their brand value and early mover advantage. The hidden costs would be ambiguous with no difference in pricing between Internal and External documents. Certinal offers a flexible pricing model where you pay per document and not per signature. Enhance eSign savings with this model as you can add multiple signatures & you’ll still be paying the same.
  • Industry-leading UI and UX: Certinal prides itself on having an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that allows organizations to quickly adopt the solution and administrators enhanced visibility for better compliance and control.
  • Highest levels of Security:  Certinal is the only player in the market with a TSP (trust service provider) agnostic hub built into the system. This allows higher levels of signer identification when required. The solution also supports MFA and AI checks for attached documents, which help it achieve the highest levels of global security standards.
  • Robust Workflows: Certinal not only allows modification of current workflows, but the system also allows modification of future workflow sequences. Combined with our state-of-the-art UI, enterprise-level visibility is now a breeze.
  • Global and Local compliance: Certinal provides real-time status updates and signed contracts and audit reports. Contract author details from CLM solutions, Salesforce, and other integration platforms are visible to signers and auditors. Comprehensive and detailed audit reports with tamper evidence and field-level audit to fulfill enhanced compliance needs.

Click here to know the “7 reasons why Certinal is featured in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Electronic Signatures”


Intrigued by the power of Certinal?

Let’s figure out how we can help you improve your ROI, reduce enterprise e-sign cost and fully automate your document workflow process. Explore our products and book a demo with us to understand how Certinal’s products can help your business. Click here to see why Certinal has been recognized as a “Representative Vendor” by Gartner.

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