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Digital First Organizations

As a technology company, you’re already well-versed in the importance of the “three S” approach: simplicity, speed, and streamlining. When it comes to completing documents and contracts using eSignatures, Certinal was built to master all three of those pillars. Utilizing eSignatures for technology companies is a no-brainer for digital first organizations that want to streamline their document workflow. 

Certinal’s digital signatures are legally binding and work with any document or workflow, making it easy to get contracts and other paperwork signed quickly and securely. In addition, Certinal’s platform is optimized to be simple, fast, and streamlined. 

Paperwork is a necessary part of doing business, but it can be time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, there are now technology-based solutions that can help companies to level up their paperwork processes. One such solution is electronic signatures, which are becoming increasingly popular in various industries. 

This type of technology can help businesses reduce their turnaround time and improve the efficiency of their paperwork processes. In addition, electronic signatures are legally binding in many jurisdictions, so businesses can be confident that they are using a secure and reliable solution. 

Download: Security: The Quintessential Element of Digital Signature Solutions 

Here is a look at some key features of Certinal’s eSignatures for digital first organizations that can help achieve accelerated efficiency

1. Use of templates for increased collaboration

Tech companies or digital first organizations generally rely on two major pillars: time and personnel. Teams can only collaborate when there is a set of standardized integrated workflows. 

Certinal’s template feature accomplishes this, considerably increasing your team’s productivity. Rather than formatting and customizing documents like sales contracts, NDAs, or employment contracts every time a new request comes in, Certinal allows your team to format documents once, save them as a template, and then send a new version via an API with the click of a button whenever a new request comes in. 

On the other hand, Certinal’s “Prefill and bulk send” feature allows you to send virtually unlimited personalized contracts with a single click. 

The time savings are enormous when you and your team go from individually emailing links and PDFs to sending hundreds in one click. 

2. Reduce turnaround time with integrated signatures

The experience you provide in SaaS impacts both ends of the revenue equation. It determines whether a consumer will sign up for your product in the first place and whether they will stay or leave. 

As a result, the better user experiences you can provide across your product, the more revenue you may anticipate seeing. 

Certinal’s embedded signing feature has been a game-changer for tech companies. Rather than having customers and prospects navigate multiple tabs and distracting account-making processes, they can now sign documents on the website. This saves time and reduces the risk of losing potential customers. The embedded signing feature is just one way Certinal changes the digital signature industry. We are committed to providing users with the best possible experience and turnaround time. 

3. Faster integration with state-of-the-art UI 

Certinal’s user interface is top-of-the-line, making it the most intuitive and easy-to-use eSign suite. Certinal’s UX is designed with the user in mind, making the eSigning process as smooth and seamless as possible. Certinal provides the best user experience for tech companies who want to integrate eSign into their workflows. Certinal has the most straightforward UI that allows users to eSign with ease, regardless of their level of experience with eSignature software. 

That’s why eSignatures are such a major benefit for SaaS companies with limited resources. Certinal allows you to add a comprehensive signing experience to your product without the need for lengthy development. Instead, it’s a quick and simple solution that only takes a few weeks to implement. 

When your developers don’t have to spend hours protecting, upgrading, and maintaining your eSignature tools, they can focus entirely on improving your core offering. 

eSignatures for technology companies

4. White labelling make the eSignature solution look seamless. 

Certinal’s white-labeling feature is often overlooked in customer acquisition and retention, but it plays a vital role in building brand loyalty. Shoppers who have an emotional connection to a brand are four times more valuable than the average customer, so it’s something that all SaaS operations should be investing in. 

With Certinal’s white-labelling feature, tech companies can completely customize the signing experience for their customers, from colours and fonts to logos.

This creates a seamless customer experience (CX) and builds trust and loyalty between the customer and the brand. In today’s competitive market, Certinal’s white-labelling feature gives companies the edge to stand out from the crowd and build long-lasting relationships. 

When your developers don’t have to spend hours protecting, upgrading, and maintaining your eSignature tools, they can focus entirely on improving your core offering. 

Download Whitepaper: Unleash the potential of Digital Signatures to revolutionize the customer experience. 


If you’re a technology company or digital first organization looking to speed up the process of completing contracts and documents, Certinal is the answer. Our eSignature solution was built with simplicity and speed in mind so you can get back to doing what you do best – innovating! 

If you have any further questions or want more information about how Certinal could benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to book a demo with us. 

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