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Best E-Signature Software 2022


Signatures and contracts are a part of every business’s day-to-day operations. Electronic signature software has many applications, including purchase orders, lease agreements, contracts, new-hire papers, receipts, etc. If you need to sign and return any documents or get people to sign and return them, the best e-signature software can save time and effort. It lets you sign papers digitally using your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer; rather than printing them out, sign them with a physical pen and scan them. It’s convenient for those who work from home, and the program can quickly pay for itself in terms of time saved and reduced paper and printer ink use. That isn’t to suggest that the greatest e-signature software is inexpensive, so it’s worth weighing your options to find the best deal.

Printing documents, signing them, scanning them, then sending them back and forth is a pain. Because you have to pay for ink and paper, it’s time-consuming, wasteful, and costly. If you’re still utilizing outdated ways to sign contracts and business documents, it’s time to upgrade. Get the best E-Signature software that is safe, legal, and has an impressive level of automation. Certinal provides all the features you are looking for in your eSignature solution. So take a closer look at the best E-signature tool.



Certinal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zycus, the cognitive procurement pioneer. Zycus is a well-known brand and market leader with years of experience handling key contracts and agreements with Fortune 1000 business clients and procurement and sourcing a suite of product installations. In addition, Zycus has always put a strong emphasis on digital signing. As a result, Certinal was founded to provide a best-in-class Digital Transaction Management solution that is simple to use, secure to deploy, and legally compliant all over the world. We are dedicated to offering large company customers a one-stop solution that complies with numerous security requirements and regional regulations. Here are the different products that Certinal offers:

  • Certinal eSign uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to help you make faster decisions by analyzing the document summary, increasing accuracy by auto-positioning signature fields, and reducing risk by highlighting essential risk areas. It keeps a full audit record of all fields, including data fields, attachments, notes, assignments to each recipient, optional or mandatory values submitted, cancelled, declining reason, and recipient activity date and time, which could be a DocuSign alternative. Electronic signatures are legally enforceable in most countries throughout the world, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and EU member countries. In addition, Certinal eSign has been certified to meet demanding regulatory and security criteria.
  • A document can be signed using Standard eSignature with just two clicks and no formal process of identity verification or approval. In this case, it would be straightforward for the signer to deny signing it. Under this definition, a scanned signature or a rudimentary digital signature are considered standard signatures. A simple or regular electronic signature is the most often used method. The overwhelming majority of electronic signatures on the market today are deemed as “simple” since they are more suited and promote rapid and fluid use. The initial document security and legal recognition level correspond to the simple and secure electronic signature.
  • Advanced electronic signatures, which are more secure, are recommended for large financial transactions or signing documents with high legal risks. The term “standard electronic signature” has a broad definition that is open to interpretation. However, advanced electronic signatures must meet more stringent identity verification standards, according to the eIDAS Regulation, and hence offer a higher level of security.
  • The most advanced level of electronic signature security is the Qualified electronic signature.However, it’s very taxing, and it’s only utilized in exceptional situations where a competent person is necessary.


Intuitive Features

  1. Robust Integration : API interfaces with Salesforce and other enterprise systems that are both robust and simple to use. Zycus CLM, Request Management, and other suite products provide out-of-the-box integration and a quick innovation cycle.
  2. Tamper Evidence for Non-Repudiation: Assure the parties that the document is genuine and unaltered. For tamper evidence, Certinal eSign uses a Digicert certificate ISO 9594-8 and FIPS 186-4 compliant.
  3. Security: The standard electronic signature procedurecan be enhanced and given more legal weight if an additional authentication step is added, such as Certinal’s dual authentication system, which uses an SMS code received by the signer.
  4. Transparency: Keeping an audit trail with standard electronic signaturesisn’t required; it’s evident that doing so and the cost and quality of the evidence gathered in this file will provide a far higher level of credibility in the event the contract is ever questioned. 
  5. Compliance: The qualified signature technique follows the same security rules as the advanced signature procedure. Still, it necessitates the verification of the signer’s identity and the storage of the signature key in a qualified electronic signature generating device (QSCD). After inputting a personal PIN, the signer is given a “token” (smart card, USB key, badge) that allows the certifying authority to validate their identity before signing their documents. This cryptographic key must be highly safe and reliable, so it must be maintained in a safe place.



The digital signature solution from Certinal is a simple method to sign your documents. Secure transactions are secured with AI-powered cognitive aid tools and continuous total support for advanced and validated electronic signatures. Certinal charges the same amount for both processes because we believe in a customer-first strategy that considers a value-based model to ensure consumers get the most out of our electronic signature solution. Certinal’s framework considers the value obtained from electronic signatures. Wrappers or digital envelopes – both internal and external – calculate overall expenses. The purpose of these wrappers determines the value assigned to them. This permits users to have unlimited electronic signatures in a document, as long as the fee is for the paper rather than the signature.

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Competitive Differentiation:





Audit ReportsCritical details are not capturedDetailed Audit ReportsDifficulty in capturing detailsDetailed Audit Reports
A.I. SupportNo A.I. powered featuresA.I. support to sign documentsLimited A.I. features.Cognitive assistance,  auto-summarization for authors and signers
Signature WorkflowLimited modification of recipientsLimited modification of recipientsAllows modificationAllows modification of current as well as future


Bulk Signing
Does not support bulk signingDoes not support bulk signingDoes not support bulk signingSupports bulk signing for signers
Identity Validation
Does not support advanced signer identificationDoes not support advanced signer identificationDoes not support advanced signer identificationAI powered signer identification as required by government and BFSI sectors
Tamper AlertsLimited Tamper AlertsNo Tamper detectionNo Tamper detectionAdvanced suspicious tamper detection algorithm
Record RetentionLimited access to records PaidLimited access to records Free



The top electronic signature platforms streamline and automate your signature processes while improving customer service and document management. Certinal focuses on crucial elements such as ease of use, platforms supported, types of documents supported, security, and cost, all of which impact a platform’s overall quality, which makes Certinal the best E-signature software overall.

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