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E-Signatures: Sales Department’s Best Friend

Electronic Signatures for Sales Team

The Sales department routinely deals with multiple documents like creative sign-offs, SOWs, freelancer agreements, agency contracts, etc. Therefore, they must be more innovative, productive, and customer-focused without being held up by slow internal processes or hunting down permissions from the top management. eSignature for Sales departments offers automated document management that helps the entire sales team as it brings speed and efficiency to all sales operations. The sales department is also responsible for obtaining buy-in from other departments and stakeholders inside the organization to complete projects that involve printing documents for annotation, modification, and approval.

Businesses are now adopting paperless processes for speedy business activities as the globe transitions to a digital era. Hence, the importance of replacing traditional document signing processes with digital signature applications has increased.  Here’s all you need to know about automating document management and improving the overall customer experience with the right eSignature platform.

Automating Document Management with eSignature for Sales Departments:

A document management system (DMS) is a web-based application that automates sharing, signing, and creating documents. It allows you to generate, edit, track, save and send documents for eSign. As a result, businesses may optimize document workflows with an automated document management system, making the entire document life-cycle faster and error-free.

When sales departments rely on paper, discovering and passing on the correct documents to the right individuals takes a long time. Employees now have easier access to relevant documents improving transparency and helping the company work together more effectively. Sales departments must keep their confidential documents protected. However, manual treatment offers room for a variety of flaws.

The key advantages include clear visibility of document progress, previous approval stages and other phases, and access to notes and revisions that may influence the next validation stage. As a result, productivity improves, and automated reminders for individuals who are yet to sign ensures that projects are on time.

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eSignature for Sales


Improve Customer Experience with Electronic Signatures:

According to a recent KPMG report, 92 percent of customers want businesses to keep them and other customers safe. This demonstrates how industry expectations are shifting. As a result, it is critical to start focusing on enhancing your customer service by adding an eSignature system to your company.

Poor customer service has recently been a stumbling obstacle for most firms’ growth. Companies should find a means to stay up with these developments and facilitate consumer contact as customers’ expectations change daily. Since most customers do not have printers at home, businesses that still use paper are inconveniently stagnant. Customers want everything to be digital in this digital age to ensure a convenient and friction-less experience.

In contrast to firms that still require handwritten signatures, customers are more inclined to choose a service provider that provides quick and easy services with digital assistance. Customers, as well as sellers, gain from electronic signatures. It eliminates the need to scan, print, create new logins, or install new applications. Customers enjoy how quickly and easily contracts can be red-lined, approved, and executed. Electronic signatures help businesses streamline their processes and the speed and convenience with which they negotiate.

Vendors, customers, and staff all face delays due to the slow paper processes. Companies and corporations are currently working on digitizing their operations and reducing the number of paper-based activities in the workplace. As a result, efficiency, agility, and cost savings will all improve with the customer experience. One method for achieving digital transformation is to use an electronic signature system. Reduce paper usage and streamline procedures by using digital documents. Digital document signatures go hand in hand with their implementation. It’s a simple way for your firm to sign policies, authenticate documents, and safeguard them.


Companies can use electronic signature technology to personalize most of their digital processes and transactions, allowing them to provide services to clients at any time, on any device. Clients will thank you for making customer interactions more straightforward, and you are referred to additional clients, boosting your client base. Make it easier to impress clients anywhere, anytime, and on any device by becoming digital now. Fulfill all of your electronic signature business requirements with Certinal.

Certinal eSign improves the overall customer experience and helps you achieve targets faster.

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