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eSignature benefits for healthcare

Electronic signatures allow businesses to digitally and securely create, modify, send, and sign contracts. With hundreds of millions of digital signatures being sent, companies love the speed and simplicity of signatures, just like their customers. Digital signature solutions for healthcare offer secure and efficient methods of electronically signing and authenticating medical documents.

Digital signatures bring value to everyone involved in the contract process, including customers and employees in sales, personnel, legal, and procurement teams. The simplicity and convenience of digital signatures provide a connected digital experience that customers desire. Healthcare is a fast-moving industry with several stakeholders for a single client. In the case of patient forms and experience, e-Signatures help speed up the process of admittance to a healthcare establishment. This allows the patient to gain access to healthcare faster and their kin to take care of strategic tasks like consultations and care.

E-signatures have been legally permitted in the healthcare industry since 2004, as long as they conform to the Uniform Electronic Transactions act along with the eSign act to make it HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Some features that eSign providers must adhere to are;

  • Properly authenticate users
  • Store an audit trail that would allow for reconstruction of the signature process
  • Prevent post-signature modification
  • Retain proof that document was electronically signed
  • Store signed documents in a secure server

With a high adoption rate across the sector, e-Signatures are the way forward for healthcare sector. As per research, early adopters have seen a very high increase in efficiency and productivity, fueled by mobility and velocity of signing. This, in turn, increases the amount of paperwork an institution can process, resulting in a higher number of patients and revenue. This, in turn, decreases the number of FTE’s and physical paper used in every transaction, significantly reducing overall cost.

Since healthcare requires a large number of compliances to be followed, e-Signatures help organizations maintain signed documents systematically in secure servers, which are ready to be reviewed with a single click. It is very important to find the right provider for a perfect shoe fit to ensure convenience and regulatory compliance.

Key values of digital signature solutions for healthcare:

  • Create Instant Savings: 

Save up to 80% of your total signing expenditure by simply implementing Certinal. Our advanced solution takes care of the most secure forms of signature required, bundled with savings arising out of printing, storing, and sending it drastically reduces miscellaneous costs. Everything is stored and processed digitally, eliminating hidden costs from human error and negligence. Along with this, easy access to patient forms drastically reduces the number of repetitive FTE’s and turns them into strategic ones.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

Gone are the days when patients and their next of kin were forced to go through a vast number of regulatory compliance forms and sign every page for security. With this process taking up fewer time patients can receive appropriate care, and their relatives can spend free time on important things like consults. 

  • Audit trails: 

Also known as the audit log or certificate of completion, is a file that stores information about the delivery and signing process for all documents uploaded to digital signature tools. In this way, digital signatures can be transparently tracked and checked so that all transactions can be tracked. This audit trail makes it easy for users to track and report user data and facilitates the effectiveness of the signing process.

  • Boost Efficiency:

A robust workflow helps eliminate mistakes caused by repetitive human tasks. These mistakes can range from document collation to signing them correctly in different places. Certinal helps save a considerable amount of time and effort over manual signing or even signing with a solution without a workflow. A lot of time is wasted by personnel following up and asking for the status of sent documents.

  • Globally Compliant:

In a world where businesses are spread across various geographies, it is essential for any digital solution that is a part of a company’s portfolio to be globally compliant. This helps the organization attain a seamless and smooth experience across the globe, saving time and effort while boosting its turnaround time. With telemedicine and remote consulting becoming more of a reality for healthcare business, it is imperative that healthcare sector to adopt e-Signatures for regulations and obtain permissions from their patients, doctors, and partner companies.

  • Increase revenue: 

Healthcare services like path labs take substantial time waiting for signatures and handovers from patients and different departments that process samples. This, in turn, doesn’t allow the outfit to take on more customers. With Certinal, the turnaround time is significantly reduced, allowing businesses to take on more patients, thereby boosting revenue.

Use cases of electronic signatures in healthcare:

  • Patient forms: 

One of the biggest complaints in the healthcare industry is paper patient forms. These forms contribute to low customer satisfaction scores and delay patients from getting much-needed healthcare. With Certinal, patients can now digitally sign consent forms, ABN forms, privacy notices, and new patient forms before arriving at the outfit. Apart from this, forms signed on an e-Signature platform can be integrated with an existing CRM software, thereby eliminating the risk of human error.

  • Home healthcare and Hospice: 

Home care and hospice are less commercial aspects of healthcare that require the same if not more attention than commercial outfits. An e-Signature solution can provide hassle-free creation of home health plans of care, orders, face-to-face requests, and certification of terminal illness, among others. When linked to the outfits, CRM and back-end solutions close the loop and provide end-to-end automation.

  • Release of Information: 

Health information management (HIM) professionals play an essential part in the healthcare industry as they coordinate the flow of information between patients, payers (medicare), providers, and lawyers. Ensuring privacy, security, and confidentiality during the release of information process has always been a critical concern for health information managers. E-Signature solutions help HIM’s by mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and reducing cycle time and cost of providing required information services. The billing process at an institution is also sped up due to the easy availability of information.

  • Clinical Trials: 

E-signature software for healthcare offers a simple way to automate the signing of all FDA regulated clinical trials forms, including form 1571 (investigational new drug application), form 1572 (statement of the investigator), form 3454 (certification: financial interests and arrangements), form 3455 (disclosure: financial interests and arrangements of clinical investigators), and informed consent, among many others. Certinal complies with FDA’s requirements for electronic submission of all documents.



Digital signatures can be seen as the future of the modern healthcare industry. As a leading provider, Certinal brings simplicity to digital signatures and sees rapid growth in performance and efficiency in the respective services. This is done at the speed of signing documents via electronic signatures and signing orders at the same time. As a result, this increases overall revenue while increasing the number of patients and related documents that the institution can accept.

Using e-signatures to easily esign documents also helps reduce overall costs. Minimize FTE’s and ensure efficient records management. Electronic signatures are also secure and take compliance measures when authenticating with some trusted e-signature platforms like Certinal.

Book a demo with us to see how Certinal can fit seamlessly into your organization’s current environment and start your savings now.

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