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Tamper-proof E-Signatures

One of the reasons why anyone would embrace a newly introduced technology is its ability to make the users feel safe. The word ‘safe’ can mean different things under different circumstances, but in the digital era it also means protecting sensitive information against known and unknow vulnerabilities. One such technology that is being increasingly adopted by enterprises is eSignature solutions or electronic signature software. Tamper-proof e-Signatures built on strong technology ensure that sensitive information flowing in the document workflow stays protected. How do enterprise benefit by adopting eSignature solution? Can your enterprise benefit? 

What are the implications of document tampering? 

Let’s assume you have in your possession a document that is internally deemed confidential due to the nature of the information it contains. Now if the is subject to tampering and unauthorized modification – it loses novelty and trust.  

Tampered documents can affect the normal working of your business in more than one way – delay processes, exposure to ligations and scrutiny, disruption of operations, financial losses, and the list goes on. 

The cost of not taking precautions against document tampering is too high to ignore. How does a business protect itself from document tampering fraud? 

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How do eSignature solutions protect documents against tampering? 

The most common way a document gets tampered with is using a forged signature and other ways include modifying the information or particulars of a document. 

Now in the digital world where business teams highly rely on collaboration – documents pass through complex workflows that increase exposure to frauds and risk of document tampering.  

Documents that need to be signed off on must use a secure way of signing – eSignatures.  

1. Security: eSignatures are built on what is deemed the most advanced security protocols and frameworks – so you can be assured that documents signed using eSignature are protected against cybersecurity threats and tampering.  

2. Storage: eSignatures are stored in encrypted storage devices that only allow authorized access –different methods of authentication are used to verify the identity before you can sign your documents. 

3. Tamper-evident: All the events around a document signing event are tracked and recorded in a comprehensive audit trail – this means any attempt, successful or failed, to tamper with your document will have a record. So, you can trace back to the source of document tampering. 

4. Non-repudiation: When you sign a document using eSignature, the authenticity of your identity is verified – after which you cannot deny signing such a document or challenge its authenticity. 

Meeting Compliance Requirement Using eSignatures 

Using eSignature to sign documents goes beyond ensuring security against document tampering. Several local and global laws and regulations require the use of tamper-evident and tamper-proof eSignature solutions. Your business must adopt eSignature to secure its documents and ensure compliance with nuanced local and global compliance regulations that govern different industries operating in different nations.  

Sourcing Tamper-proof e-Signatures for your Business 

Navigating and sourcing eSignature that’s suitable for your businesses’ unique needs can be a daunting task with lots of things to consider before committing – technology stack, flexibility, integration, pricing, implementation and so on. That’s why it’s important to equip yourself with all the knowledge – explore Certinal’s whitepapers that cover a range of topics for you to make informed decisions when it comes to securing documents.

For more insights on sourcing eSignatures for your business. Check our comprehensive eBook titled “Your Definitive Guide to Sourcing NextGen eSignature”

Certinal for a secure and compliant document signing experience 

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