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Providing a better employee experience is paramount for organizations to create a great workplace where employees will be more engaged and satisfied, leading to better productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. Digitalization of Human Resource Management using Certinal eSign helps automating the document sharing and signing process by tracking real-time progress.

Throughout an employee’s lifecycle at an organization – from hiring to retiring, they have to go through sharing and signing of documents at each touchpoint like job offers, onboarding, training, performance reviews, and exit processes. Human resources teams design, initiate and manage these experiences and associated documentation. The traditional approaches to complete the documentation are usually time-consuming, less efficient, and without a doubt not employee-friendly.

E-signatures can significantly improve the employee experience by automating the document sharing and signing process, making it fast and easy for employees. It frees up time for employees to focus on their work and gives them a better overall experience with less frustration.

Certinal’s electronic signature for HR can help your organization automate the document sharing and signing process. Certinal provides an easy way for employees to electronically sign documents using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.  Certinal also offers a secure platform for companies to store and manage employee signatures, making it easy to track who has signed which document.

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Benefits of using Certinal eSign for digitalization of human resource management processes:

HR teams have to tackle a host of paperwork daily across various stages of the employee life cycle – from job offers and NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to benefit forms and performance reviews. HR has to perform repetitive tasks like creating a customized document for every occasion, printing it, getting it signed by the stakeholders, converting it to a legally binding copy, and archiving the physical copy. Other factors like document fraud, theft, and damages from natural disasters.

HR teams also have to deal with the side effects of disconnected solutions like application tracking, benefits management, employee management, enterprise resource planning. When these systems work in silos, HR teams have to do repetitive data entry and documents transfer from one system to another.

The wasted effort and time add to the increased cost and poor employee experience. According to a Gartner study, only 13% of employees are delighted with their work experiences, and 46% of respondents say they are very dissatisfied with their overall experience at their organization.

Digitalization of Human Resource Management

E-signatures can help HR automate the document sharing and signing process, making it quick and easy for employees. With Certinal, HR can:

  1. Create a customized document in minutes using ready-made templates or your own design.
  2. Print the document and get it signed by the required stakeholders.
  3. Convert it to a legally binding copy and archive it in the Certinal cloud.
  4. Track who has signed which document and when.
  5. Reduce the need for data entry and documents transfer from one system to another.

This will help HR teams save time and effort, which can be redirected to more important tasks. It will also improve the employee experience by making it fast and easy for them to sign documents.


Improving employee experience touchpoints with e signature:

With the increasing digitization of the workforce, organizations must adopt e-Signature solutions to counter the ill effects of the traditional processing of documents. E-signature solution provides a scalable opportunity to eliminate repetitive documentation tasks where the HR department can upload, edit, generate, and sign seamlessly. It is legally binding and compliant with all the acts and procedures. Digital archiving stores the documents securely without getting lost or damaged. E signature solution also automates the signing process workflows and saves the teams from following up manually. This results in happy and productive employees.

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Here are a few use cases of how e signature benefits employee experience at various touchpoints:

Digitalization of Human Resource Management

Hiring & Onboarding: Attracting and acquiring top talents require state-of-the-art hiring solutions with end-to-end digital experience. Certinal helps HR teams to design an efficient onboarding experience by reducing the paperwork and manual, repetitive jobs. Certinal’s e signature solution with customized templates and automated workflows to securely initiate and complete offer letters, NDAs, and background verifications.

Employee management: Certinal’s e signature solution streamlines employee management processes like performance evaluations, compensation reviews, and policy updates. HR teams can spend more time planning and executing employee development programs instead of manually managing paperwork.

Off boarding: Certinal e signature helps HR teams provide a seamless experience to the exiting employees by speeding up the formalities with templates for paperwork and fetching relevant agreements from the central repository.



E-signature is a powerful tool that can help HR teams improve employee experience at various touchpoints. It is legally binding, efficient, and secure, and can automate the signing process workflows. HR teams should consider using e signature to improve the efficiency of their processes and to provide a better experience to their employees.

As digital transformation continues to take over all aspects of our lives, it’s important for businesses to keep up with the trend in order to remain competitive. One area in which companies are seeing the biggest impact is in human resources (HR). With the advent of electronic signatures (e-signatures), HR teams are now able to manage documents and automate workflows. This not only saves time and money but also improves the employee experience.

E-signatures are a legally binding way of signing documents, and they are becoming more and more common as businesses move towards a more digital workforce. They work by allowing two or more parties to sign a document electronically, thus eliminating the need for physical signatures. This not only speeds up the process but also makes it fast, secure, and compliant.

Certinal eSign is a future-ready digital signature solution that provides trust, security, and global compliance. It is your trusted partner delivering the highest compliance standards in the human capital management department. To know more about Certinal’s esignature software request a demo.

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