Which industries must use digital signature solutions and why?

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Which Industry Sectors MUST Use Electronic Signatures?


Signatures are required in practically every department. Human resources handle employee requests, and other papers, the finance department signs invoices and purchase orders, and legal staff creates agreements and contracts. When entering new client relationships, sales benefit from it. Printing a document every time you need anything signed takes time and money. On the other hand, trusted digital signature providers allow you to maintain your complete workflow online and provide more security than unstandardized digital signatures.  

Every industry has businesses looking for methods to streamline operations, cut expenses, and minimize waste. The preceding can be accomplished securely and cost-effectively by investing in digital signatures.  

Electronic document signing makes it much easier for firms to conduct their business with only a few clicks instead of asking customers to sign or deliver agreements in person to the office. In addition, it enhances your company procedures while confirming your identity. Let’s examine some of the sectors that digital signatures can help.  

Architecture, Construction & Engineering: 

The architecture, engineering, and construction industries frequently approve and accept original ideas. Plans, engineering drawings, and proposals are transferred from one department to another to meet strict deadlines and safeguard intellectual property rights. Minor delays could result in needless extra expenses. The issue is that communicating with dozens of engineers, contractors, zoning regulators, and construction teams while also providing contracts that are 150 pages or longer may be very time-consuming and overwhelming. The online digital signature for contracts is essential for confirming the validity and authenticity of the relevant documents. 

Additionally, by centrally storing documents like work contracts, purchase orders, estimates, and subcontractor agreements, construction project managers may find it simpler to track who has signed (and is yet to sign) a given contract. 

Click here to see how Certinal’s higher file size limit would help your organization save money and time. 

Accounting and Tax: 

Create digital signatures quickly for any contract that needs to be executed right now. For example, Digital signatures offer a practical, legitimate way to obtain the client’s approval when signing a confidentiality agreement, asset acquisition agreement, or assisting customers in forming an LLC. 

Further Uses: 

  • Separate contracting arrangements 
  • Employee agreements 
  • RS forms 
  • Attestation letters 

Information Technology: 

One technique to ensure promised information efficiency and security is to accept e-signatures. You can save money using online signature software instead of mailing, faxing, or setting up in-person meetings to sign contracts. As long as a person has internet access and a computer or mobile device, they can access and sign papers anytime, anywhere. 

Human Resource: 

Digital signature services are essential in human resources. For example, Digital signatures facilitate the speeding up of processes for HR professionals because their work involves legal agreements and contracts. These areas of HR gain from using this type of encrypted signature: 

  • The signing of an employment contract: This is relevant to any firm whose transactions must be recorded digitally or on paper. On the other hand, using digital signatures makes the user’s identification more reliable. 
  • Employee onboarding: When new companies hire someone, they must turn over their confidential documents (employee documentation). They must complete paperwork and verify that it is all authentic and safe. 
  • Non-disclosure agreements: Besides hiring agreements and onboarding procedures, HR professionals ensure that corporate information is kept secure from insiders. 

All of the above mentioned can be easily achieved with Certinal esignatures for human resources. 

Which Industry Sectors MUST Use Digital Signatures


Most healthcare businesses follow specific rules and regulations. They are legally obligated to use digital signatures to demonstrate their authenticity to administrative bodies. Why? Getting a digital signature takes work. The company goes through a rigorous verification process to verify its credentials. 

On the other hand, physicians can eSign documents such as prescriptions and other documents with hipaa compliant esignature software. This critical step in digitalizing patient data fosters faster workflow for the doctor and patients. 


In the finance sector, almost all transactions require signatures. Therefore, it’s crucial to streamline processes to prevent severe bottlenecks. In addition to being more efficient than faxing or mailing, digital signatures may also provide timestamp and audit log capabilities that record specific information about the electronic document signing process. 

You may expedite loan requests, reimbursement paperwork, opening account requests, and investment application processes with bank signatures. Wet ink signatures are comparable to e-signatures; however, e-signatures are faster, cleaner, and more secure. 

Use Cases like: 

  • Application for loans 
  • sincere estimates 
  • Mortgage assistance 

Real Estate: 

Many real estate purchase contracts commonly need to be signed by clients of real estate brokers, and most of the time, these contracts need to be finished fast, usually within 24 hours. Otherwise, businesses run the danger of losing out to more technologically competent rivals who have superior products. 

Traditional signatures frequently entail inconvenient meetings, driving, and stress to meet a 24-hour deadline. Customers can transmit and sign e-signature documents from the comfort of their homes. Real estate agents can reclaim their time traveling between locations and use it to acquire new clients.  


Lawyers, on behalf of their clients, often handle many contracts to sign legal documents. The signing of these documents usually requires some time. Clients occasionally find themselves making numerous trips to the lawyer’s office to sign and revise contracts endlessly. Clients may quickly sign contracts with digital signatures for legal documents from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, saving them a ton of time that could have been spent on other crucial engagements.  

Government and Insurance: 

Here is one thing you can do to stop locals from complaining about delays from the government documents. The eSignature tool can help staff get the necessary approvals for a plan more rapidly in a highly secure cloud-based software system while retaining digital signature security. Although we think using digital signatures doesn’t affect a candidate’s prospects of winning re-election, it’s hard to argue against offering citizens faster services.  

The insurance industry is a good contender for electronic signatures due to the enormous volume of signatures. To start or renew coverage, clients must sign contracts. Electronic signatures have made this possible from any location at any time, greatly simplifying the work of insurance experts. In other words, e-signatures enable insurance companies to ensure their customers’ convenience successfully.  


The software for digital signature as a service market is booming, with millions of daily users. The user agreements for a software product must be fully disclosed before customers can use it. For SaaS companies, these policies must be accessible both on the front and back end. Document signing is more secure with digital signatures. 

  • Full disclosure 
  • Electronic fingerprint 
  • Maintaining digital records 
  • A complete online contract management system with mobile-first technology 

Bottom Line: 

Digital signatures can replace paper signatures on contracts safely and affordably. As you might have imagined, electronic signatures are perfect for any business or industry where signing several contracts and agreements is necessary. In addition, essential business documents can be filed quickly for subsequent retrieval thanks to their straightforward setup. Therefore, if an industry or company wants to prosper in the digital age, it must implement the usage of electronic signatures throughout its activities.  

Using the contract management feature of Certinal’s unified solution, you may manage contracts by gathering, aggregating, and synchronizing documents before distributing them to recipients. Experience the power of a single digital signature solution by contrasting Certinal (best digital signature software) with digital signature alternatives. Request a demo right away! 

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