7 ways in which remote electronic signatures help you achieve high performance and scalability

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Achieving High performance and scalability with remote electronic signatures
December 30, 2021
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January 18, 2022
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remote electronic signatures help you achieve high performance and scalability

Documents are an integral part of business processes. However, providing these documents can be challenging, especially as more companies adopt flexible employment arrangements. Therefore, there is a growing need for online document management systems to store and sign documents electronically.

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The document systems management market is expected to grow to approximately $ 10.17 billion by 2025. Therefore, the use of remote digital signature for internal and even external use is increasingly accepted. The use of electronic document signature management tools should become a practice in more companies because it holds the promise of many benefits that performance improvements and scalability could bring to an organization.

Here are the top 7 benefits of electronic signature that you can also take advantage of, like the biggest players of the market

1) High Productivity Rates

Given that 21% of business productivity losses are due to documentary challenges, innovation in this area could yield promising results. Electronic document signature applications can help increase productivity by reducing wait times for documents to be signed. Some companies report waiting a few days for a manager or customer to sign a document, which has a significant impact on productivity. This reduction should have a significant impact on the overall productivity of a company in the long run.


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2) Safer data

It is a common misconception that signing documents remotely could pose a greater risk to data and privacy. Although it still has certain risks, it can lead to better data security. Paper documents can be easily stolen, lost or destroyed.

With electronic copies of documents and many levels of encryption and security measures to protect them, digital documents have an advantage in the security and data protection department. The signature authentication software has also improved over time, ensuring that electronic document forgery is less dangerous than most people think.

3) More cost savings

Running document management in document management software offers the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money. Reduce printing and paper costs while saving space and man hours when archiving paper copies. In addition, there are significant savings in logistics, as electronic signature of documents means that no courier services are required.

4) More time for high-value staff to focus on high-value work

Sometimes companies don’t grow because their most valuable employees get bogged down in repetitive tasks. For example, a company has an operations manager with a master’s degree in project management who wants to speed up the approval process for new projects.

In these fast-paced, highly digitized work environments where someone with these sorts of skills can equip you with software that can help you avoid as much clerical work as sending signature suggestions to give you time to focus on quality tasks, this Director could contribute his knowledge and make good use of expertise.

5) Simpler systems

Simpler systems often lead to faster action and more sustainable growth for an organization. For example, corporate employees can make life easier for others and for themselves by taking automated steps in certain operational tasks, such as signing supervisors to approve budget approvals or signing contracts for new employees.

Automation enhancements now allow reps to determine exactly which pages to sign in a document so signers don’t miss a page. This problem has long complicated the document signing process. There are many industries in which E-signature tools can help, and all departments of a company are positively affected by the implementation of an electronic document signature system: human resources, accounting, marketing, etc.

6) Faster implementation times

Simpler systems lead to faster implementation times. Yes, hiring the right people for the right job is immensely valuable, but equipping them with the right tools should help the most. If a company wants to grow and scale, agility is crucial. And the use of remote digital signature can help ensure this agility in document management.

On the client side, document signing apps could also provide significant added value, doing the necessary paperwork to onboard a client and allowing both parties to get to work immediately, which almost always leads to greater satisfaction. the client’s.

7) Flexible work arrangements

Even after COVID19, employees would like to maintain a certain degree of work flexibility in a general job of any arrangement or a hybrid version of it. With document signing software it is easier to continue with these settings. Therefore, document management software should be on the list of remote work tools for any virtual team to thrive in a remote work culture.


When looking for the best remote digital signature, it’s important to remember that there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, companies evaluate certain unique contexts of their business before using the right tools, such as the number of documents they need, the level of confidentiality, their budget, and so on.

But with the right tool for document management systems, a company or business could enjoy most if not all of these benefits and set the organization up for more success and growth.

Book a demo today and discover how electronic signatures can accelerate your business process, improve efficiency & productivity.

In case of any questions, please write to us at switchto@certinal.com.

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