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August 29, 2022
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September 2, 2022
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What a great event we had! Wondering what we are talking about? Which event are we talking about? How can that be beneficial for your business? Did you miss any event that could have been a great investment of your time?

Certinal presented a demo connect titled “Sneak Peek into the Certinal eSignature Solution”. The demo connect was conducted on 26th, 27th and 28th of July 2022 globally, and was a super duper hit with 500+ attendees bringing that to a 92.8% conversion rate from registrations to on-event attendance. Enterprises are shifting from traditional signing to digital signing. With the increasing demand for modern, convenient methods for entering binding transactions, electronic agreements, bulk signing, and secured signing have gained a lot of momentum in recent years.

See for yourself how Certinal’s AI-Powered enterprise-grade digital signature solution is changing how the world does business.

Electronic Signature Webinar

Key takeaways on the pain points that Certinal eSign solves,

  • Basic to Advance level eSignature services – Click-to-sign to multi-factor authentication.
  • Ability to combine multiple eSign documents into a single envelope.
  • Ability to forward to another person in the organization, and stay cc’d on all further replies and the fully executed copy.
  • Define common workflows for routing.
  • Single master account with sub-accounts for internal charge backs.
  • Easy integration with internal business systems.
  • Reporting visibility into each sub-account/department/business unit and user-friendly eSignature platform
  • Extensive audit trail report and tamper-proofing evidence
  • High volume of the signature specimen handling capability
  • Competitive price points and flexibility

Key Questions that were answered

  • How do contract signatures and integration with low-code solutions work with Certinal eSign?
  • Does Certinal eSign provide installation that is plug and play?
  • How Certinal’s digital signature solution solves Buy-side (Procurement) contract signature issues?
  • What are the types of signatures Certinal eSign support and how extensive are the Digital transaction management features?
  • How does Bring Your Own TSP (BYOT) and Certinal eSign integration work?
  • How secure and compliant Certinal’s digital signature solution is?
  • How to manage forgery or identity theft of the digital signature with Certinal eSign?

If any of these questions resonate with you, kindly watch the demo connect and get your queries answered, or contact us at switchto@certinal.com.

Upcoming Event:

The world of Digital Signatures is changing & here is your chance to witness us live in action.

Digital Signature Webinar

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