8 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out on Forrester Webinar with Certinal Digital Signature Solution

Flexibility At Your Fingertips: Getting Started with Certinal eSign is Quick & Easy
August 29, 2022
C-Suite Webinar
The C-Suite Blueprint for a global, unified Digital Signature Solution, a must attend webinar
September 2, 2022
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C-suite has started noticing that digital signatures have become a big cost line and require streamlining in the purchase as there has been decentralized buying. CXOs should start to advocate for enterprise-wide installations because of segmented regulatory requirements, outdated pricing methods not intended to stimulate global adoption, and the complexity of most current platforms. CXOs need to look for unified, global solutions that provide them with the ability to: 

  • Ensure solution de-fragmentation using a single, unified platform perspective. 
  • Lead discussions with identity hub suppliers to allow a bolt-on with trust suppliers 
  • Create cross-organizational frictionless online document signing processes using AI technologies 
  • Eliminate unaccounted expenditures that increase inexplicably as user adoption rises. 

Attend Forrester webinar to learn about changing identification regulations, hear about the digital expectations of new customers, and see what new strategies and solutions are being developed in this area.  

Topic: The C-Suites Blueprint for a Global, Unified Digital Signature Solution 

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Here’s why you should not miss out on the leadership webinar: 

1. Learn how you can save upto 50% on eSign cost with Certinal: 

Accelerate your savings goals with Certinal’s digital signing solution on your digitally signed documents. Instead of being charged hidden fees by your existing e-signature solution, why not switch to a solution that lets your money work smarter? Higher the volume, higher the savings.  

eSign Cost

2. Case Study Learnings: 

Take the first row seat to find out why North America’s largest automobile manufacturer switches lanes from DocuSign to Certinal.  

  • Challenges faced by the North America’s largest automobile manufacturer  
  • Certinal’s way of solving the challenges 
  • Benefits provided by Certinal and reasons for switching from DocuSign.

3. RFP Checklist to shortlist vendors 

The RFP template for e-signatures offered by Certinal can be customized to skip all the manual steps involved in drafting an e-sign RFP. 

  • Comprehensive and Consistent: A template ensures consistency when various internal stakeholders are involved. 
  • Saves Time: A ready-made template in hand would skip the process of approvals from SMEs. 
  • Builds Structure: A proposal template decreases structural errors and improves the composition of the business.

4. Walkaway with insights on digital transformation 

  • Change in consumer behavior 
  • How to choose the right eSignature partner 
  • Requirements & Regulations around the world 
  • Benefits of working with a TSP and a secured signing process

5. Key Takeaways 

  • Create a thorough technology strategy for digital capabilities to reduce IT complexity and the spread of shadow IT 
  • Create a risk-based strategy to choose the ideal procedures, tools, and controls for the tech foundation. 
  • Consult with your digital and electronic signature service providers to determine which minor adjustments are required for various markets and use cases. 
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative measurements to evaluate changes in the customer experience. 
  • Improve your employee experience by adjusting your customer experience metrics.

6. Speakers with High Level of Industry Expertise 

  • Enza Iannopollo is a principal analyst on the security and risk team and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E). Enza helps organizations worldwide embed privacy and ethics in their strategic initiatives through approaches that deliver business growth while protecting their customers’ and employees’ trust and their brand reputation. Her research focuses on compliance with data protection rules, privacy as a competitive differentiator, ethics, and risk management. Enza speaks regularly at national and international executive conferences, and her research is often quoted in the media, including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.
  • Richard Waugh, VP Corporate Development at Zycus, has an extensive background in B2B eCommerce, going back to his early career at GE, where he helped launch GE’S Trading Process Network (TPN), the first on-line Marketplace for Sourcing and Procurement in the mid 1990’s. He was Co-Founder of B2eMarkets, one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) Sourcing Suite providers and later covered the Supply Management market as an Industry Analyst for the Aberdeen Group.

7. Take a seat with 200+ companies 

Registrations of 200+ companies have been guaranteed so far and expected to go up. Do not miss out on the opportunity of having a seat with 200+ elite companies who will be attending the webinar. Do not miss out on the virtual cxo event on digital transformation.

8. $20 Amazon Gift Card  

To make the offering sweeter, there’s an Amazon gift card worth $20 for attending the leadership conference. The gift card would be authorized post verification by our internal team. Sign documents with the best signature software and improve your digital document signing experience.  


About Certinal : 

Certinal eSign (docusign alternative) is a future-ready Digital Transaction Management solution developed to sign documents digitally. The company has been recognized in the 2022 Gartner® market guide for eSignatures within 6 months of launch, which we believe is the fastest to be included in the guide. Certinal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zycus, the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement with over 21 offices globally. A familiar name and market leader with years of experience managing critical contracts and agreements, Zycus boasts over 350+ enterprise clients, including Fortune 1000 enterprises, and deployments of procurement and sourcing suite of products. In addition, Digital Signing has always been a focus area for Zycus. Thus, Certinal (best digital signature software) was born to offer a best-in-class Digital Transaction Management solution that will be easy to use, 100% secure to deploy, and legally compliant in 70+ countries. 

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