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May 12, 2022
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If you work in HR, you’re probably already familiar with the basics of using electronic signature technology to get signatures on offer letters, government forms, company policy agreements, and other employee documents. But that’s just scratching the surface of the benefits of digital signatures for HR teams. If HR teams want to be successful in 2022 and beyond, they’ll need to start leveraging smarter tools.

Digital signatures offer a number of advantages over traditional paper-based signatures. They’re more secure, they’re faster and more efficient, and they’re easier to track and manage. Perhaps most importantly, digital signatures are legally binding in most jurisdictions. This means that if an employee needs to sign a document but can’t be physically present, you can still get their signature quickly and easily using digital signature technology.

There are a number of digital signature platforms available on the market, so it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs. Some platforms offer additional features like e-signature workflows and compliance tracking that can be extremely helpful for HR teams. When used correctly, digital signatures can help streamline HR processes and make your team more efficient and effective.

Streamline the process of sending and signing HR forms

The way you write agreements can have a big impact on how long it takes for a signer to complete an agreement. Here are a few eSignature capabilities that can help you create a smooth signing experience for candidates and employees

Remote signing with mobile devices:

Signers anticipate a fantastic viewing experience when they access an agreement on their mobile device or tablet. Responsive signing optimizes document display dependent on device type. This eliminates the need for pinching and zooming on a small screen, allowing teams to design a mobile-friendly hiring and onboarding experience.

Certinal templates:

Pre-built templates for some of the most typical employee and applicant paperwork, such as offer letters, I-9, and W-4 forms, are available to recruiters, HR managers, and admins. By pre-tagging typical papers, ensuring that particular fields are marked as needed, and avoiding errors and incomplete forms, templates save you time and ensure accuracy.

Attach additional documents:

Sending a contract out for signature and expecting a paper back? The signer can upload an attachment to the document they’re signing with signer attachments. This keeps all employee information in one central location for onboarding new employees or collecting employee vaccination cards.

Electronic Signature Features for Hr Teams

The operational perspective

Complex and advanced workflows:

You may rely on clever processes and logic in your workflows to get agreements processed using conditional routing. If a candidate’s pay surpasses a specific threshold after an offer letter is delivered, the document will be immediately sent to a senior executive for assessment and approval. HR managers can use enhanced workflows for employee relocation requests in addition to hiring. When an employee completes the request, they indicate the department they work in, and the agreement is instantly delivered to their HR business partner.

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Pre-set conditions for easy tracking:

What should happen next when a contract is signed? Admins can quickly set rules to automate common post-signature steps, such as archiving finished documents to a cloud storage provider like SharePoint or Box, exporting data to a spreadsheet, or initiating other agreement procedures.


Certinal’s pre-built integrations with hundreds of popular systems allow HR teams to operate more quickly in the applications they already use.

Bulk Signing:

Do you need to send a standardized document to several people at once? Bulk Send with Certinal’s eSignature allows you to send “one-to-many” agreements in bulk. Signed documents are returned to your team automatically for tracking and filing.

Tracking sent documents

Want to use analytics and insights to take your HR agreements to the next level? With these tools, you can get agreement metrics at your fingertips, build up automatic procedures, and better understand your employees:

Track completion:

Completing digital signature processes can be daunting for even the savviest of internet users. Oftentimes, HR departments are tasked with creating and distributing documents for employees to sign, but there is no way to track how many people drop off during the process or why. This is where Signing Insights comes in – it’s a new data visualization tool that will help admins better understanding signer behavior. With this valuable information, teams can view insights filtered by fields like template, device and browser used to enhance the signer journey and increase completion rates. Signing Insights is changing the digital signature game and taking the hassle out of document distribution for good.

Certinal API’s:

Certinal’s eSignature API not only allows for hundreds of pre-built integrations, but also gives developers and admins the ability to build custom integrations for their homegrown solutions or specific needs. This digital signature API allows organizations to manage the entire signing process from start to finish, so that they can work together more seamlessly. With this API, businesses can automate key HR processes like onboarding and offer letters, making it easier and faster to get new employees up and running. And because Certinal’s eSignature API is built on an open platform, it integrates with a wide range of existing business applications. As a result, organizations can digitalize their workflows without having to replace their existing systems.


As an admin, you have access to reports that give you insights and real-time data from document activity. The reports overview provides key metrics on your sent envelope activity, including overall envelope status, time to complete, and volume over time. This information can be invaluable in digital signature HR processes, as it allows you to track progress and identify any areas that may need improvement. In addition, the reports feature can help you to plan for future digital signature needs, ensuring that you have the capacity to meet demand. With this tool at your disposal, you can streamline digital signature HR processes and ensure that your organization runs smoothly.

sign contract of employment electronically


Digital signatures are becoming increasingly commonplace in the world of HR. They provide a convenient and efficient way for HR teams to send and sign employee agreements, without the need for paper or ink. Not only does this save time and money, but it also helps to reduce the chances of errors and misunderstandings. Certinal’s eSignature feature was built with HR teams of all sizes in mind, to take the work out of digital signatures. With just a few clicks, HR professionals can send contracts and agreements to employees for signature, and track the status of each document in real time. This allows HR teams to focus on more important tasks, while still ensuring that all employee agreements are signed and returned in a timely manner. Digital signatures are a great way for HR teams to speed up their workflows and improve efficiency. Thanks to Certinal’s eSignature feature, HR teams can now save time and energy on digital signatures, so they can focus on more important tasks.

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