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Speed, transportation, efficiency, paperwork and supply chain are just a few of the vital components of the logistics sector. However, one of them is out of date: paperwork. Paperwork includes routine chores, including data entry into papers, issuing invoices, and signing bills. This enormous amount of manual work requires meticulous attention to detail with a paperless solution for logistics because even the tiniest error could cost millions of dollars.

The logistics and transportation sector must be profitable and effective, enabling businesses to immediately accelerate workflows and improve employee performance.

Let’s look at the sector’s issues and how electronic signature for logistics can help. It would help create a paperless environment with digital document signing and increase organizational efficiency.

Electronic Signature for Logistics Industry


Challenges involved in the logistics & transportation industry

Currently, the logistics workflow for the delivery industry is slowed down by a significant amount of operational and administrative papers, especially when it comes to document management. The entire distribution process, from the document’s creation to its timely delivery to the intended recipient, must be recorded in the traceability systems of the logistics provider. Many freight forwarding companies have thought about the necessity for a logistics document process to help them deal with the issues brought by the large volume of documentation due to worries that transportation procedures will slacken.

Several issues relating to the management of the documentation of the logistics process tend to arise during the administration of shipments made by the delivery company. These issues range from simple human errors when recording the status of orders to manually signing due to a lack of resources to facilitate the search for documentation.

Paperless Solution for Logistics

Digital Signing for logistics speeds up the paperwork process and enables logistics companies to provide customers with better, quicker service. Manually signing contracts can take a long time and require a lot of labor, costing businesses millions of dollars in missed income. Therefore, logistics organizations are switching from the conventional approach of signing documents to a digital method to speed up finalizing deals. Digital alone has the opportunity to reduce emissions from logistics by as much as 10 to 12% by 2025. Estimation of total benefits to customers and society add up to approximately $2.4 trillion coming primarily from three initiatives: crowdsourcing, digitally enhanced cross-border platforms, and shared warehouse agreements.

Logistics and Digital Signatures: The Perfect Match

According to white paper from the World Economic Forum indicates that digitization in logistics could provide $1.5 trillion in value through the year 2025. Digital signatures can help logistics achieve total digitalization and streamline document management since they combine digital signatures, payment collection, ID Checker, and many other features into one user-friendly platform.

The logistics sector is vital to a nation’s economic development. Therefore, the demand for quicker delivery of goods and services related to FMCG, manufacturing, and other sectors must always be met. Not only that, but logistic companies also have to comply with additional rules as they cater to domestic and foreign clientele. Businesses must implement cutting-edge procedures and technologies to speed up the distribution process.

Only prompt digital signing and approval of logistics documents related to contract, packaging, and secure receipt of goods at the customer end makes it feasible. As a result, businesses may cut costs, increase customer happiness, and comply with new regulations using digital signatures to ensure improved integrity, visibility, and security throughout logistics.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures for the Logistics Industry

Any logistics and distribution company must unquestionably manage all documents effectively to keep track of deliveries and enhance customer satisfaction. Therefore, most of the logistics documents that need signatures will be automated, and, as a result, time and costs will be reduced, leading to generally higher productivity and an increase in the organization’s overall efficiency. This will happen by implementing a digital signature solution integrated with document management software aimed at logistics and transportation companies. Here are a few of the many benefits of e-signature to the logistics industry

1. Time and cost efficiency

An organization’s personnel can concentrate on more crucial duties like completing agreements and making deliveries when less time is spent creating, filing and signing logistics contracts. Additionally, using digital signatures eliminates the need for businesses to pay additional fees for printing, paper, couriers, shipping, postal services, and data storage (physical space).

2. Reduce Operational Costs

In the logistics sector, a cargo may include at least six documents that must be signed by several parties, including the carrier, the warehouse operator, and the buyer. All of these documents must be signed in person. Operational costs go up as a result. Digital signatures reduce these expenditures by removing the need for these visits and allowing everyone to sign papers from their PCs or mobile devices digitally.

3. Automated Document Tracking

Keeping track of documents when they are completed online and signed with electronic signatures is simple. It is feasible to track who has signed the paperwork already and who still has to go through the process. Since everything is online, it cannot be lost like it can with a courier.

4. Enhanced Customer experience

Organizations must ensure their customers are satisfied with their services if they want to run a profitable logistics firm. One approach is to allow clients to sign using smartphones or other standard devices via digital signatures. Using qualified and advanced e-signature technology will reassure clients that their data is secure.

5. Reduce Legal Risk

Paper-based logistical documents can be challenging to track, leading to compliance problems, particularly as audit season approaches. When a contract is discovered to have been altered, it may lead to legal issues and penalties. Digital signatures solutions record who signed a document and when. The systems automatically store these signed documents so they can be quickly accessed for use in the future.

6. Streamline Supply Chain

The most accessible approach to guarantee that essential logistic documents that need electronic signatures are signed before the actual shipping is completed is through electronic signatures. It offers the highest level of security and aids in minimizing communication errors between the parties concerned.

Use Cases – Secure Electronic Signatures for Logistics Businesses

esignature in logistics industry


By executing operations more quickly, efficiently, and with higher-quality data, digital signatures assist the logistic industry in signing logistics contracts & accelerating its digital transformation, and decreasing its reliance on paper. In addition, Digital transformation in the logistics industry makes it extremely important for logistics companies with a good reputation in the market. The logistics sector needs digital transformation to speed up the delivery and procedure. Logistics documents should be signed using an online contract signing platform to speed up contracting work, which typically takes time if done manually. Therefore, esignature in the logistics industry can put the logistics industry ahead of the competition as it allows them to concentrate on growing sales, delivering goods, and comprehending client want. Start using online signatures and get your documents signed faster, better and cheaper when compared to wet signatures.

Certinal eSign is a future-ready eSignature solution that provides trust, security, and global compliance. It is your trusted partner delivering the highest compliance standards in Logistics and Transportation.

To know more about Certinal or request a demo, contact us at switchto@certinal.com

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