December 30, 2022
medical staffing process

Are These The 5 Capabilities You’re Looking For, To Streamline Medical Staffing?

Streamline your medical staffing process with Certinal's Digital eSignature platform. Reduce time-to-hire and improve compliance with our easy to use tools.…
December 14, 2022
Integrated healthcare solution with EPIC EHR

5 benefits that Certinal can offer to your healthcare suite through integration with EPIC EHR

Read about the benefits of having an integrated healthcare solution with EPIC EHR and how it can bring your practice into the future.…
December 9, 2022
How to overcome delays in surgical services with eSign & eForms

How to overcome delays in surgical services with eSign & eForms

The blog highlights the reasons for delays in an operating room and portrays certinal as a solution to overcome these challenges.…
December 8, 2022
esignature in hospitals

5 proven ways to improve patient satisfaction in the operating room

eForms, eSignatures and technology can play a pivotal role in improving patient satisfaction in the surgical suite. Here are five ways you can make it happen!…
December 6, 2022
8 Problems medical outfits face in integrating

8 Problems medical outfits face in integrating eSignatures & their solutions

earn about the eight most common problems medical outfits face when trying to integrate eSignatures into their operations & find out how Certinal can help.…
December 1, 2022
chieving Seamless Interoperability in Healthcare

Achieving Seamless Interoperability in Healthcare with Certinal Digital Signatures

Learn how the interoperable digital signature solution by Certinal can help you improve collaboration, data collection, and security across your healthcare ecosystem.…
September 30, 2022
Bulksend documents and prefill using certinal esign

Pre-fill & Bulk Send documents for Digital Signatures using Certinal

With Certinal’s Pre-fill & Bulk Send feature, you may quickly deliver the same document to numerous recipients rather than manually prepare it for e-signatures. Schedule a Demo or write to us at today to discover the power of Certinal.…
September 7, 2022

Certinal partnership program: Improve your product with a built-in state-of-the-art, globally compliant eSignature solution

The Certinal partnership program offers digital signature OEM opportunities to help improve your product. Our state-of-the-art, globally compliant eSignature solution can be easily integrated into your technology platform.…
September 6, 2022
Become a Partner

OEM PARTNER PROGRAM : Helping Technology work with you and for your customers

The OEM Partner Program from Certinal offers a surprisingly simple approach to offer your clients top-notch digital agreement capabilities. Attend our webinar to find yourself the right eSignature partner as Certinal offers a wide range of partnership programs…
July 19, 2022

A new world of possibilities: Keys to evaluating a future-ready eSignature Solution

We are hosting 30 mins free webinar to learn the latest digital signature technology trends from 2022, Keys to evaluating future-ready eSignature solutions, and Certinal’s complex enterprise management. Reserve Your Seats Now!…

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