February 14, 2023
eSign and eForms in healthcare HR Back offices

The 8 key benefits of using eSign and eForms in healthcare HR and back offices & how to make the most of them

Learn about the top 8 benefits of using eSign and eForms in the HR and back offices processes of the healthcare industry.…
February 14, 2023
eSign Cost Savings

How to Cut Costs with eSign Solutions for Your Business’s Document Management Needs

eSign solutions can help your business reduce the costs associated with document management. Read on to learn more!…
February 8, 2023
esign-and-eform in insurance claim

5 benefits of using eSign & eForm solutions for insurance claims & authorization requests in 2023

As we move into 2023, it's important to use eSign and eForm solutions for insurance claims & authorization requests to improve efficiency.…
December 30, 2022
medical staffing process

Are these the 5 capabilities you’re looking for, to streamline medical staffing?

Streamline your medical staffing process with Certinal's digital signature solutions. Reduces time-to-hire and improve compliance with our easy to use tools.…
December 12, 2022
Digital Transformation in Healthcare

A Digital Path To Resilience: The Digital Revolution in Behavioral Healthcare

Discover how digital transformation is changing the landscape of behavioral healthcare and learn about the benefits of moving to a digital system.…
December 8, 2022
esignature in hospitals

5 proven ways to improve patient satisfaction in the operating room

eForms, eSignatures and technology can play a pivotal role in improving patient satisfaction in the surgical suite. Here are five ways you can make it happen!…
December 8, 2022

4 Enterprise grade digital signature software’s to look out for

If you're looking for a digital signature solution that is enterprise grade, then you'll want to read this article. Here we list four of the best options on the market today.…
December 7, 2022
Healthcare data security

Healthcare Data Security: How to Protect Sensitive Patient Health Information?

Find out about the new healthcare data security methodologies, and how they can help protect sensitive patient health information.…
December 6, 2022
Digital Transformation in Healthcare

4 Top-notch Strategies For Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Discover, Learn and Deliver

Digitizing healthcare isn't easy, but there's no denying it is necessary. Here are 4 top digital transformation strategies that can help you succeed now & into the future.…
December 6, 2022
How digital signatures help information technology

How digital signatures help information technology companies drastically improve their efficiency

Certinal's digital signatures provide a secure, efficient way for high-tech companies to sign documents online and stay compliant with industry regulations.…

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