Certinal eSign: Your First Step to Kickstart Digital Signature Workflow Automation

Digital Signature Workflow Automation

In contract administration, digital signature workflow automation technology can save hundreds of hours annually. It may be time for an upgrade if your company is still writing documents from scratch and depending on signers in a workflow to pass the document to the next signer manually. 

Digital signature workflow automation with Certinal is easy. Create a form with the critical details of the document, and our system will automatically send it to the first person who needs to sign off. Each subsequent person will receive the document once a signature is obtained. Our digital signatures are legal and binding, so you can be sure that all your documents are correctly signed and dated.  

In addition, our system records who signed it and at what time so you can easily track your documents’ progress. With Certinal, you can streamline your document signing process and save time.  

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The Need for Digital Signature Workflow Automation  

In contract administration, digital signature workflow automation can save your organization hundreds of hours annually. Consider an upgrade if your company is still creating documents from scratch and relying on manual handoffs from one signer to the next. Here’s why:  

1. Manual vs. Automated Document Signing

Manual Process: Writing documents from scratch and manually passing them from one signer to the next is time-consuming and error-prone.  

Automated Process: Certinal’s digital signature workflow automation simplifies the document signing process. Create a form with the key document details, and our system will automatically route it to the first person who needs to sign off.  

2. Legal and Binding Signatures

Certinal’s digital signatures are not only convenient but also legally binding. You can trust that all your documents are correctly signed, dated, and secure.  

3. Real-time Document Tracking

Certinal’s system creates a detailed record of who signed the document and when enabling you to monitor the progress of your documents easily.  

Streamlining Your Organization with Digital Signature Workflow Automation  

1. Signature Document Dissemination in Bulk

Why send important documents to one person at a time when you can efficiently reach hundreds or even thousands of recipients simultaneously? Certinal’s digital document management system offers bulk distribution, allowing you to send documents through SMS, email, or phone authentication. Key benefits include:  

1. Efficient allocation of HR notices that require acknowledgement.  

2. Sending promotional offerings to various businesses in bulk.  

3. Streamlining the process of distributing tenant applications.  

4. Bulk document distribution is crucial in modernizing your workflow and saving precious time.  

2. Accelerate Document Processing with Certinal Templates

Not every document needs to be a unique creation. Using templates can significantly expedite the process. Certinal offers a comprehensive library of document templates covering various business needs, such as:  

1. Nonprofit event budget approval requests.  

2. Attorney legal engagement letters.  

3. Statement of Work (SOW).  

4. Non-disclosure agreements.  

4. HR department COVID-19 declaration of symptoms.  

Templates simplify document drafting, allowing you to customize critical fields quickly and facilitate the signing process. Templates not only save time but also reduce the risk of errors. Integration with your template library ensures efficient document management and keeps everything organized in one place.  

3. Collect Payments Automatically

Imagine getting paid immediately after signing an agreement. Certinal’s digital signature workflow automation system can include an online payment processor, enabling instant payments. It also sends automated reminder emails to ensure prompt payments.   

Key features include  

Signers can make payments instantly using various methods, including credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, SEPA payments, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.  

Configure payment types according to your specific business needs.  

Automating payments not only enhances efficiency but also improves cash flow management.  

Benefit from Platform Integrations

Certinal’s digital document management and digital signature workflow automation solution seamlessly integrates with various applications and systems, enhancing your capabilities and productivity.  

Here are some noteworthy integrations

1. Microsoft Integration: Conduct business within Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word, and SharePoint.  

2. Salesforce Integration: Distribute, sign, and manage sales agreements without leaving the Salesforce ecosystem.  

3. Google Integration: Sign, send, and manage documents using your existing Google products.  


Certinal’s solution is your gateway to digital signature workflow automation and achieving enhanced efficiency and productivity. With easy-to-use digital signature automation, you can quickly create documents, send them for signing, and monitor the progress in real-time. eSignatures are legally binding, ensuring document security and integrity. Save time and streamline your workflow with Certinal’s digital signature automation.  

If you’re ready to take the first step toward digital signature workflow automation and experience the benefits of Certinal’s eSignature solution, don’t hesitate to book a demo with us. Discover how Certinal can revolutionize your document management and streamline your organization’s operations. Make a smart choice for your business today. 

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