December 30, 2022
medical staffing process

Are These The 5 Capabilities You’re Looking For, To Streamline Medical Staffing?

Streamline your medical staffing process with Certinal's Digital eSignature platform. Reduce time-to-hire and improve compliance with our easy to use tools.…
December 12, 2022
Digital Transformation in Healthcare

A Digital Path To Resilience: The Digital Revolution in Behavioral Healthcare

Discover how digital transformation is changing the landscape of behavioral healthcare and learn about the benefits of moving to a digital system.…
December 7, 2022
Healthcare data security

Healthcare Data Security: How to Protect Sensitive Patient Health Information?

Find out about the new healthcare data security methodologies, and how they can help protect sensitive patient health information.…
December 6, 2022
Digital Transformation in Healthcare

4 Top-notch Strategies For Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Discover, Learn and Deliver

Digitizing healthcare isn't easy, but there's no denying it is necessary. Here are 4 top digital transformation strategies that can help you succeed now & into the future.…
November 30, 2022
Digital signatures in healthcare

5 Healthcare Digitization Practices Crucial In 2023 & Beyond

Automating manual workflows & adopting a paperless healthcare experience boosts your ability to safely, securely & efficiently deliver a premium healthcare experience for you and your patients.…
November 24, 2022
Healthcare technology Integration

3 Proven Strategies to Improve Workflow Interoperability in Healthcare through Technology Integration

Healthcare is quickly shifting toward a digital-first approach. Here are three ways that technology integration can help improve workflows and patient care.…
November 15, 2022
Healthcare Digital Signatures

Accelerate Paperless Healthcare with Digital Bulk Signing

Certinal's digital signature solutions can help healthcare organizations streamline their workflow and go paperless. Our HIPAA-compliant software is customizable to meet the needs of your business.…
November 9, 2022
Digital Health Ecosystems

Unlocking Digital Health Ecosystems – The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation

A recent survey showcased that 61% of its respondents consider the main purpose of digital health services to be improving well-being. They wish to “achieve clear and visible outcomes, which are currently still indirect.” Read More!…
September 9, 2022
Become a Certinal Partner

Empower Your Customers with Accelerated Collaboration & Streamlined Business Processes to Drive 10x Revenue.

Why partner with us? Certinal’s Partner Acceleration Program aims to accommodate different types of partnerships and business models, after all, your success is our priority! Certinal gives customers maximum control over managing documents from the past, in the present, and into the future. Become a Certinal Partner!…
September 6, 2022
Digital transformation

The Gateway to Digital Transformation: Business Processes Built-For-Speed Require Digital Signatures

Digital signature offers a superior experience to their paper counterparts. Customers expect digital services for businesses, no matter where they are located in the world.…

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